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Seqman help

Seqman allows to perform a set of manipulaions on a sequences: loading, designing of sequences, search for motifs in a sequence and animoacid translations of a sequences. Also seqman allows to save results and print sequence and results in different formats.

Main page description - contains description of seqman main page structure.

Commands description:

       1. The group "sequence constructions" contains commands for loading and designing of sequences:
  • "Load" - loading of sequence.
  • "Cut" - allocation (receiving) or cutting out (deletion) of a fragment from a sequence.
  • "Complement/Reverse" - creating of a complementary/reverse order sequence.
  • "Insert/Change" - insert/replace a fragment of a sequence.
  • "Insert/Unite" - insert/addition of one sequence to another.

       2. The group "searches" contains commands for search of motifs in a sequence:
  • "Restriction sites" - search of restriction sites in a sequence. Searches for restriction sites, which are described in Restriction sites Database.
  • "Sequence search" - search of one sequence in another.
  • "Motif search" - search of motifs in a sequence.
  • "Search for primers" - search for primers in a sequence.
  • "Uniqness" - align of sequence on a genome.

       3. The group "translations" contains commands for aminoacid translation:
  • "AA translation" - aminoacid translation.