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RULES for creating USER's set of REs:

1. USER's set must include only sequences of real REs and/or their consensuses.

2. Every real RE/consensus is described in 3 lines:
   LINE 1: Name/description of RE/consensus
   LINE 2: Sequence of of RE/consensus
   LINE 3: <par1> <par2> <par3> <par4>

3. Sequence (LINE2) may include both standard nucleotides (A/a, T/t, G/g,C/c) and their any combinations in according to IUPAC abbreviations:R - A or G, Y - T or C, K - G or T, M - A or C, S - G or C, W - A or T, B - G or T or C, D - A or G or T, H - A or C or T, V - A or G or C, N - A or G or C or T.
In the case of composite REs, 2 boxes are seperated by "-".
Length of RE/consensus sequence must not exceed 80 symbols, including "-" in the case of composite elements.
Capital letters indicate Conservative nucleotides (positions) in which mismatch is not allowd.

4. In LINE 3:
  <par1> - a maximal number of mismatches for the 1st box
  <par2> - a maximal number of mismatches for the 2nd box (for composite REs)
  If RE contains a single box, then <par2> = 0;
  If any mismatch is not allowed, then <par1> = <par2> = 0 )

  <par3> - minimal distance between boxes of composite RE
  <par4> - maximal distance between boxes of composite RE (for a single-box REs <par3> = <par4> = 0 )

All <par1>, <par2>, <par3> and <par3> are given as INTEGER in 4i5 format.

Example of USER's set of 3 REs:

RE 1  
    2    0    0    0
    1    1    8   10
RE 3  
    0    0    0    0