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SNP-select - a stepwise filtering of input mutation set to discriminate those hardly determine a certain hereditary disease or any other "mutational" feature


Paste input file with SNPs here:

Alternatively, load a local file SNPs:

Local file name:

SNP gene annotations
SNP out of exones or splicing sites are rejected
Conserved regions among 46 species
All not found removed
Segmental duplication regions
All found removed
1000 Genomes Project Pilot data 2011 May release
All found removed
dbSNP, NCBI short genetic variations
All found removed
whole-exome SIFT scores for non-synonymous variants
PolyPhen-2 scores
PhyloP conservation scores
MutationTaster scores
whole-exome LRT (likelihood ratio test) scores
whole-exome GERP++ scores
Conserved genomic regions by GERP++
All not found removed
NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project
UCSC repeats

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