Restrictase description

The program for finding and displaying the positions of the cut sites of restriction enzyme recognition sequences. This program displays the cut sites on both strands by default. This program uses The Restriction Enzyme database (REBASE). The home page of REBASE is:

Program is provided with viewer.

Example of output

List of the restrictases from REBASE

Description of REBASE, The Restriction Enzyme Database

    REBASE, The Restriction Enzyme Database
    Copyright (c)  Dr. Richard J. Roberts, 2006.   All rights reserved.
                USER MANUAL FOR REBASE's 'bairoch' FORMAT


The file bairoch.### contains  an alphabetical listing of type I, II and III
restriction enzymes as well as methylases in a format compatible with that of
the EMBL, SWISS-PROT, ENZYME, PROSITE, ECD, EPD, and HAEMB data banks. It can
also be used with PC/Gene.

Each entry is composed of lines.  Different types  of  lines, each with their
own format, are used to record the  various data which  make up the entry.  A
sample entry is shown here:

        ID   AluI
        AC   RB30
        ET   R2 M
        OS   Arthrobacter luteus
        PT   AluI
        RS   AGCT, 2;
        MS   3(5mC);
        CR   A,B,E,F,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,U,V,X.
        CM   A,E,K,N,U.
        RN   [1]
        RA   Kramarov V.M., Smolyaninov V.V.;
        RL   Biokhimiya 46:1526-1529(1981).
        RN   [2]
        RA   Roberts R.J., Myers P.A., Morrison A., Murray K.;
        RL   J. Mol. Biol. 102:157-165(1976).
        RN   [3]
        RA   Yoon H., Suh H., Han M.H., Yoo O.J.;
        RL   Korean Biochem. J. 18:82-87(1985).
        RN   [4]
        RA   Yoon H., Suh H., Kim K., Han M.H., Yoo O.J.;
        RL   Korean Biochem. J. 18:88-93(1985).

Each line   begins with  a two-character  line code, which indicates the type
of data contained  in the  line.  The current  line  types and line codes and
the order in which they appear in an entry, are shown below:

        ID     - Enzyme acronym
        AC     - REBASE accession number
        ET     - Enzyme type
        OS     - Organism species
        PT     - Prototype
        RS     - Recognition sequence(s), cut site(s)
        MS     - Methylation site(s) and type                    [optional]
        CR     - Commercial sources for the restriction enzyme   [optional]
        CM     - Commercial sources for the methylase            [optional]
        RN     - Reference number
        RA     - Reference authors
        RL     - Reference location
        //     - Termination line


2.1 The ID line.

The ID (IDentification) line is always the first line of an  entry  and shows
the restriction  enzyme acronym or the  methylase acronym if no corresponding
restriction enzyme with this acronym exists. Examples:

        ID   EcoRI
        ID   Sau3AI
        ID   M.NgoVIII

2.2 The ET line.

The ET (Enzyme Type) line  shows  what type(s) of enzyme are described  in an
entry. The following codes are used:

    Rn   : where `n' is the type of the restriction enzyme (from 1 to 3).
    M    : indicates that there is a corresponding methylase.
    Rn*  : indicates the restriction enzyme is of type n, but only recognizes
           the sequence when it is methylated.
    IE   : indicates that this is an intron-encoded (homing) endonuclease


        ET   R2 M

        Describes a type-II restriction enzyme  (R2)  and  the  corresponding
        methylase (M).

2.3 The OS line.

The OS (Organism Species) line specifies the organism which was the source of
the stored enzymes.  In the current version strain information is included in
the OS line. Examples:

        OS   Escherichia coli RY13
        OS   Neisseria meningitidis DRES-30

2.4 The PT line.

The PT (Prototype) line specifies the acronym of the prototype enzyme.

2.5 The RS line.

The RS (Recognition Sequence(s), cut site(s)) line follows the syntax:

        RS   site1, cut1; [site2, cut2];

Where siteN is  a recognition site, and  cutN the  offset  in  bases  of  the
cleavage site from the beginning of the recognition site. Examples:

        RS   CAGCAC, 0;
        RS   CAGCAC, 1;

In the first case shown above  the  enzyme  cleaves  before the first base of
the  recognition site (offset=0; ^CAGCAC), while  in  the second case it cuts
between the first and second bases (offset=1; C^AGCAC).

If the  recognition site  or the cleavage site are unknown a question mark is
used. Examples:

        RS   CAGCAC, ?;
        RS   ?, ?;

For asymmetric restriction enzyme (non palindromic) the two recognition sites
are indicated. Example for FokI:

        RS   GGATG, 14; CATCC, -13;

2.6 The MS line.

The MS (Methylation Site(s) and type) line follows the format:

        MS   b1(t1)[,b2(t2)];

Where b1 and b2  are numbers that refer to  the  position of the 3'methylated
and 5'methylated  bases (the numbering system starts at 1 with the first base
of the recognition sequence  and  is negative  if the base is upstream of the
recognition sequence)

Where t1 and t2 are acronyms that  indicate the type of methylation which can 
be one of the following:
        N4mC = N4-methylcytosine
        5mC  = 5-methylcytosine
        6mA  = 6-methyladenosine.


        MS   5(N4mC);

        Indicates a N4-methylcytosine on base 5.

        MS   3(6mA),-2(6mA);

        Indicates a 6-methylcytosine on the 3'base 3 and on the 5'base -2.

If the methylation site is unknown a question mark is used. Example:

        MS   ?(6mA);

The MS line is optional: it does not appear in an entry if there are no known
methylase  associated with  the  restriction  enzyme  being described by that

2.7 The CR and CM lines.

The CR and CM lines are used  to  show the commercial sources  of restriction
enzymes (CR) and of methylases (CM). The format of these line is:

        CR   A1[,A2,A3,...,An].

Where A1 to An are abbreviations for commercial suppliers.  At the end of this
file, is a complete list of the abbreviations currently defined in REBASE, in
the following format:

                N        New England Biolabs (11/05)
                R        Promega Corporation (9/05)

	(the date within the parentheses indicates the 
	last update to each suppliers listing in REBASE)


        CR   A,B,E,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,U,V,X.
        CM   A,E,K,N,U.

The CR and CM lines are optional: they do not appear in an entry if an enzyme
or a methylase  are not available from any of the commercial companies listed

2.8 The references lines (RN, RA, and RL).

These lines comprise the  literature citations  within REBASE.  The citations
indicate the papers from which the data has been abstracted.    The reference
lines for  a given  citation occur  in a  block, and are always in  the order
RN, RA, RL. Within  each such reference block the RN and RL lines occur once,
while the RA line occurs one or more times.  If several references are given,
there will be a reference block for each.

An example of a complete reference is:

        RN   [1]
        RA   Gelinas R.E., Myers P.A., Weiss G.H., Roberts R.J., Murray K.;
        RL   J. Mol. Biol. 114:433-440(1977).

        2.8.1 The RN line

The RN  (Reference Number) line  gives a sequential number to  each reference
citation  in an  entry. The format of the RN line is:

        RN   [N]

where `N' denotes the nth reference for this entry.  The  reference number is
always enclosed in square brackets.

        2.8.2 The RA line

The RA (Reference Author) lines list the authors of the paper (or other work)
cited.  All of the authors are included, and are listed in the order given in
the paper. The names are listed surname first followed by a blank followed by
initial(s) with periods.  The authors'  names  are  separated  by commas  and
terminated by a semicolon.  Author  names  are not split between lines.    An
example of the use of RA lines is shown below:

        RA   Gelinas R.E., Myers P.A., Weiss G.H., Roberts R.J., Murray K.;

        2.8.3 The RL line

The RL (Reference Location) line  contains  the citation  information for the
reference.   The  RL  line  for  a  journal  citation  includes  the  journal
abbreviation, the volume number, the page range, and the year. The format for
such a RL line is:


RL lines for unpublished  results follows the  format shown in  the following

        RL   Unpublished observations.

2.9 The // line.

The // (terminator) line contains no data or comments.  It designates the end
of an entry.

2.10 CC lines.

Any line beginning with CC will be treated as a comment.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Table 1. Summary of single-letter code recommendations

SymbolMeaningOrigin of designation
RG or ApuRine
YT or CpYrimidine
MA or CaMino
KG or TKeto
SG or CStrong interaction (3 H bonds)
WA or TWeak interaction (2 H bonds)
HA or C or Tnot-G, H follows G in the alphabet
BG or T or Cnot-A, B follows A
VG or C or Anot-T (not-U), V follows U
DG or A or Tnot-C, D follows C
NG or A or T or CaNy

Output example:

         10        20        30        40        50                             
|                                                    |                          
EcoRI                                                BsbI                       

          BfuI                          |Srl19I                                 
          BciVI                         |Srl61DI                                
          |                             ||                                      
         70        80        90        100       110                            
                |                       ||                                      
                Bce83I                  |Srl61DI                                
                BpuEI                   |Srl19I                                 

                                Bth1795I                  BpuEI                 
                                Uba1437I                  Bce83I                
                                |                         |                     
         130       140       150       160       170                            

 BpuAmI                 BspGI                                                   
 |                      |                                                       
         190       200       210                                                
 |  |                                                                           
 |  Bce83I                                                                      
 |  BpuEI                                                                       

Commercially Available (total 15):
Enzyme        Direct                         Reverse
name          chain                          chain
BciVI         GTATCC                         GGATAC
BfuI          GTATCC                         GGATAC
BpmI          CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
BpuEI         CTTGAG                         CTCAAG
DraI          TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
Ecl136II      GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
EcoICRI       GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
EcoRI         GAATTC                         GAATTC
GsuI          CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
M.EcoRI       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Psp124BI      GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
SacI          GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
SmiI          ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT
SstI          GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
SwaI          ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT

In direct chain (total 70):
Enzyme        Recognition                    Cut  No.  Positions
name          sequence                       site cuts of sites
AhaIII        TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
Bce83I        CTTGAG                         22   1    179
BciVI         GTATCC                         12   1    71
Bco35I        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
BfuI          GTATCC                         12   1    71
BpmI          CTGGAG                         22   1    153
BpuAmI        GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
BpuEI         CTTGAG                         22   1    179
Bsp22I        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
Bsp28I        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
BspGI         CTGGAC                         ?    1    205
BspJ74I       CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
BstRZ246I     ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
BstSWI        ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
Bth1795I      CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
DraI          TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
Ecl136II      GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
Ecl137I       GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
Eco159I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco228I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco237I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco252I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco53kI       GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
Eco82I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
EcoICRI       GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
EcoRI         G^AATTC                        1    1    1
FunII         G^AATTC                        1    1    1
GsuI          CTGGAG                         22   1    153
Hal22I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
HalI          G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Kpn49kI       G^AATTC                        1    1    1
M.BpmI        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
M.CjeNI       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.DraI        TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
M.EcoRI       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.EsaDix1I    TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
M.GsuI        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
M.Ppu111I     GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.RsrI        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.SacI        GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
M.SsoI        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.SstI        GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
M.SwaI        ATTTAAAT                       ?    1    101
M.Van91II     GAATTC                         ?    1    1
MspSWI        ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
MxaI          GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
NasSI         GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
PauAII        TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
Pfl18I        GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
Ppu111I       G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Psp124BI      GAGCT^C                        5    1    182
RsrI          G^AATTC                        1    1    1
SacI          GAGCT^C                        5    1    182
ScoI          GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
SmiI          ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
Srl19I        TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
Srl32DII      G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Srl55DI       G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Srl61DI       TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
Srl76DI       TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
SruI          TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
SsoI          G^AATTC                        1    1    1
SstI          GAGCT^C                        5    1    182
SwaI          ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
Uba1437I      CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
Uba1444I      CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
Uba58I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Van91II       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
VchN100I      GAATTC                         ?    1    1
VchO2I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1

In reverse chain (total 59):
Enzyme        Recognition                    Cut  No.  Positions
name          sequence                       site cuts of sites
AhaIII        TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
Bce83I        CTCAAG                         -14  2    77 185
BpuAmI        GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
BpuEI         CTCAAG                         -14  2    77 185
BsbI          GTGTTG                         ?    1    54
BstRZ246I     ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
BstSWI        ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
DraI          TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
Ecl136II      GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
Ecl137I       GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
Eco159I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco228I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco237I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco252I       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Eco53kI       GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
Eco82I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
EcoICRI       GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
EcoRI         G^AATTC                        1    1    1
FunII         G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Hal22I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
HalI          G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Kpn49kI       G^AATTC                        1    1    1
M.BpmI        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
M.CjeNI       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.DraI        TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
M.EcoRI       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.EsaDix1I    TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
M.GsuI        CTGGAG                         ?    1    153
M.Ppu111I     GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.RsrI        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.SacI        GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
M.SsoI        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
M.SstI        GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
M.SwaI        ATTTAAAT                       ?    1    101
M.Van91II     GAATTC                         ?    1    1
MspSWI        ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
MxaI          GAG^CTC                        3    1    182
NasSI         GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
PauAII        TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
Pfl18I        GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
Ppu111I       G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Psp124BI      GAGCT^C                        5    1    182
RsrI          G^AATTC                        1    1    1
SacI          GAGCT^C                        5    1    182
ScoI          GAGCTC                         ?    1    182
SmiI          ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
Srl19I        TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
Srl32DII      G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Srl55DI       G^AATTC                        1    1    1
Srl61DI       TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
Srl76DI       TTTAAA                         ?    1    102
SruI          TTT^AAA                        3    1    102
SsoI          G^AATTC                        1    1    1
SstI          GAGCT^C                        5    1    182
SwaI          ATTT^AAAT                      4    1    101
Uba58I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1
Van91II       GAATTC                         ?    1    1
VchN100I      GAATTC                         ?    1    1
VchO2I        GAATTC                         ?    1    1

List of the restrictases from REBASE

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  K  L  M  N  O  P  R  S  T  U  V  X  Y  Z

Enzyme        Recognition sequence           Recognition sequence           Commercially
name          (direct chain)                 (reverse chain)                Available(*)

AaaI          CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
AacI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.AacDam      GATC                           GATC
M.Aac465Dam   GATC                           GATC
AaeI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
AagI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
AamI          ?                              ?
AaqI          GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
AarI          CACCTGC                        GCAGGTG                        F.
AasI          GACNNNNNNGTC                   GACNNNNNNGTC                   F.
AatI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT                         O.
AatII         GACGTC                         GACGTC                         AFGIKMNORV.
M.AatII       GACGTC                         GACGTC
AauI          TGTACA                         TGTACA
AbaI          TGATCA                         TGATCA
AbeI          CCTCAGC                        GCTGAGG
AbrI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
M.AbrI        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
AcaI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
AcaII         GGATCC                         GGATCC
AcaIII        TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
AcaIV         GGCC                           GGCC
AccI          GTMKAC                         GTMKAC                         ABGJKMNORSU.
M.AccI        GTMKAC                         GTMKAC
AccII         CGCG                           CGCG                           AJK.
AccIII        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         GJKR.
M.AccIII      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Acc16I        TGCGCA                         TGCGCA                         IV.
Acc36I        ACCTGC                         GCAGGT                         I.
Acc38I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Acc65I        GGTACC                         GGTACC                         FGINRV.
M.Acc65I      GGTACC                         GGTACC
Acc113I       AGTACT                         AGTACT
AccB1I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC                         IV.
AccB2I        RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
AccB7I        CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG                    IRV.
AccBSI        CCGCTC                         GAGCGG                         IV.
AccEBI        GGATCC                         GGATCC
AceI          GCWGC                          GCWGC
AceII         GCTAGC                         GCTAGC
AceIII        CAGCTC                         GAGCTG
AciI          CCGC                           GCGG                           N.
M.AciI        CCGC                           CCGC
AclI          AACGTT                         AACGTT                         INV.
M.AclI        AACGTT                         AACGTT
AclNI         ACTAGT                         ACTAGT
AclWI         GGATC                          GATCC                          I.
AcoI          YCCGGR                         YCCGGR                         I.
AcpI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
AcpII         CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
AcrI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
AcrII         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
AcsI          RAATTY                         RAATTY                         IMV.
Acs1371I      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Acs1372I      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Acs1373I      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Acs1421I      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Acs1422I      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
AcuI          CTGAAG                         CTTCAG                         IN.
M.AcuI        CTGAAG                         CTGAAG
AcuII         CCWGG                          CCWGG
AcvI          CACGTG                         CACGTG                         QX.
AcyI          GRCGYC                         GRCGYC                         JM.
AcyII         ?                              ?
AdeI          CACNNNGTG                      CACNNNGTG                      F.
AerAI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
AeuI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
AfaI          GTAC                           GTAC                           AK.
Afa22MI       CGATCG                         CGATCG
M.Afa22MI     CGATCG                         CGATCG
Afa16RI       CGATCG                         CGATCG
Afa24RI       GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
AfeI          AGCGCT                         AGCGCT                         IN.
AfiI          CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG                    V.
AflI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
AflII         CTTAAG                         CTTAAG                         AJKNO.
M.AflII       CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
AflIII        ACRYGT                         ACRYGT                         GMNS.
M.AflIII      ACRYGT                         ACRYGT
AflIV         AGTACT                         AGTACT
Afl83I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Afl83II       GGCC                           GGCC
AgeI          ACCGGT                         ACCGGT                         GJNR.
M.AgeI        ACCGGT                         ACCGGT
AglI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
AhaI          CCSGG                          CCSGG
AhaII         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
AhaIII        TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
AhaB1I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
AhaB8I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
AhdI          GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC                    GN.
M.AhdI        GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC
AhlI          ACTAGT                         ACTAGT                         IV.
AhyI          CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Ahy45I        ?                              ?
AhyAI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
AimI          ?                              ?
M.AimAI       ?                              ?
M.AimAII      ?                              ?
AinI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
AinII         GGATCC                         GGATCC
AitI          AGCGCT                         AGCGCT
AitII         RGATCY                         RGATCY
AitAI         RGATCY                         RGATCY
AjiI          CACGTC                         GACGTG                         F.
AjnI          CCWGG                          CCWGG                          I.
AjoI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
AjuI          GAANNNNNNNTTGG                 CCAANNNNNNNTTC                 F.
AjuI          CCAANNNNNNNTTC                 GAANNNNNNNTTGG                 F.
M.AlaK2I      GATC                           GATC
AleI          CACNNNNGTG                     CACNNNNGTG                     N.
AlfI          GCANNNNNNTGC                   GCANNNNNNTGC                   F.
AlfI          GCANNNNNNTGC                   GCANNNNNNTGC                   F.
AliI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
Ali2882I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ali12257I     GGATCC                         GGATCC
Ali12258I     GGATCC                         GGATCC
AliAJI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
AloI          GAACNNNNNNTCC                  GGANNNNNNGTTC                  F.
AloI          GGANNNNNNGTTC                  GAACNNNNNNTCC                  F.
AluI          AGCT                           AGCT                           ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.AluI        AGCT                           AGCT                           KN.
AlwI          GGATC                          GATCC                          N.
M.AlwI        GGATC                          GGATC
Alw21I        GWGCWC                         GWGCWC                         F.
Alw26I        GTCTC                          GAGAC                          FR.
M.Alw26I      GTCTC                          GTCTC
Alw44I        GTGCAC                         GTGCAC                         FJMORS.
AlwFI         GAAAYNNNNNRTG                  CAYNNNNNRTTTC
AlwFII        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
AlwNI         CAGNNNCTG                      CAGNNNCTG                      N.
AlwXI         GCAGC                          GCTGC
AmaI          TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
I-AmaI        ?                              ?
Ama87I        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG                         IV.
AmeI          GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
AmeII         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
AniI          ?                              ?
AniAI         ?                              ?
AniMI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
AocI          CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
AocII         GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
AorI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
Aor13HI       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         K.
Aor51HI       AGCGCT                         AGCGCT                         AK.
AosI          TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
AosII         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
AosIII        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
ApaI          GGGCCC                         GGGCCC                         ABFGIJKMNOQRSUVX.
M.ApaI        GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
ApaBI         GCANNNNNTGC                    GCANNNNNTGC
ApaCI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
ApaDI         ?                              ?
ApaLI         GTGCAC                         GTGCAC                         AKNU.
M.ApaLI       GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
ApaORI        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Apc202I       ?                              ?
ApcTR183I     TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
ApeI          ACGCGT                         ACGCGT
ApeAI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
ApeKI         GCWGC                          GCWGC                          N.
M.ApeKI       GCWGC                          GCWGC
ApiI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
ApoI          RAATTY                         RAATTY                         N.
M.ApoI        RAATTY                         RAATTY
AprI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
ApuI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
Apu16I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
ApyI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
AquI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
M.AquI        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
AscI          GGCGCGCC                       GGCGCGCC                       GN.
M.AscI        GGCGCGCC                       GGCGCGCC
AseI          ATTAAT                         ATTAAT                         JNO.
M.AseI        ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
AseII         CCSGG                          CCSGG
M.AseII       CCSGG                          CCSGG
AsiI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
AsiAI         ACCGGT                         ACCGGT
AsiGI         ACCGGT                         ACCGGT                         IV.
AsiSI         GCGATCGC                       GCGATCGC                       N.
M.AsiSI       GCGATCGC                       GCGATCGC
AsnI          ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
AspI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC                      M.
Asp1I         CCSGG                          CCSGG
Asp10I        ?                              ?
Asp14I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Asp15I        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Asp17I        RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp22I        RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp28I        ?                              ?
Asp36I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Asp37I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Asp47I        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Asp52I        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Asp54I        ?                              ?
Asp78I        AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Asp86I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Asp86II       ?                              ?
Asp90I        ACRYGT                         ACRYGT
Asp90II       ?                              ?
Asp123I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Asp123II      ?                              ?
Asp130I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Asp697I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Asp700I       GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC                     M.
Asp703I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Asp707I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Asp708I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Asp713I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Asp718I       GGTACC                         GGTACC                         M.
Asp742I       GGCC                           GGCC
Asp745I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Asp748I       CCGG                           CCGG
Asp763I       AGTACT                         AGTACT
Asp3065I      AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
AspAI         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
AspA2I        CCTAGG                         CCTAGG                         IV.
Asp202A1I     ?                              ?
Asp202A135I   ?                              ?
AspBI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
AspBII        GGWCC                          GGWCC
AspCNI        GCCGC                          GCGGC
M.AspCNI      GCSGC                          GCSGC
AspDI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
AspDII        GGWCC                          GGWCC
AspEI         GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC                    M.
AspHI         GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
Asp1HI        RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp2HI        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Asp5HI        GCATGC                         GCATGC
Asp6HI        RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp8HI        RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp10HI       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Asp10HII      CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
Asp14HI       RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp16HI       GTAC                           GTAC
Asp17HI       GTAC                           GTAC
Asp18HI       GTAC                           GTAC
Asp21HI       RGATCY                         RGATCY
Asp26HI       GAATGC                         GCATTC
Asp27HI       GAATGC                         GCATTC
Asp29HI       GTAC                           GTAC
Asp32HI       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Asp35HI       GAATGC                         GCATTC
Asp36HI       GAATGC                         GCATTC
Asp40HI       GAATGC                         GCATTC
Asp50HI       GAATGC                         GCATTC
AspJI         GACGTC                         GACGTC
AspLEI        GCGC                           GCGC                           IV.
AspMI         AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
AspMDI        GATC                           GATC
AspNI         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
AspS9I        GGNCC                          GGNCC                          IV.
AspTI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
AspTII        GGATCC                         GGATCC
AspTIII       GGCC                           GGCC
AssI          AGTACT                         AGTACT                         U.
AstWI         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
AsuI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
AsuII         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         C.
AsuIII        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
AsuC2I        CCSGG                          CCSGG                          I.
AsuHPI        GGTGA                          TCACC                          IV.
AsuMBI        GATC                           GATC
AsuNHI        GCTAGC                         GCTAGC                         IV.
AsuSAI        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
AteI          CCATGG                         CCATGG
M.AthIII      ?                              ?
M.AthDRM2     ?                              ?
M.AthDnmt1A   ?                              ?
M.AthDnmt1B   ?                              ?
M.AthVIII     ?                              ?
AtsI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
AtuII         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Atu1I         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Atu1II        GGATCC                         GGATCC
AtuAI         ?                              ?
AtuBI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
AtuBVI        ?                              ?
M.AtuCI       GANTC                          GANTC
AtuIAMI       ?                              ?
AtuSI         TGATCA                         TGATCA
AvaI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG                         ABGJKMNORSUX.
M.AvaI        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
AvaII         GGWCC                          GGWCC                          AGJKMNRSY.
M.AvaII       GGWCC                          GGWCC
AvaIII        ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
M.AvaIII      ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
M.AvaV        GATC                           GATC
M.AvaVI       GATC                           GATC
M.AvaVII      GGCC                           GGCC
M.AvaVIII     CGATCG                         CGATCG
M.AvaIX       RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
Ava458I       YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
AvaBORF3498   ?                              ?
M.AvaBORF3498 ?                              ?
AvcI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
AviI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
AviII         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA                         M.
AvoI          RCATGY                         RCATGY
AvrI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
M.AvrI        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
AvrII         CCTAGG                         CCTAGG                         N.
M.AvrII       CCTAGG                         CCTAGG
AvrBI         GGCC                           GGCC
AvrBII        CCTAGG                         CCTAGG
AxyI          CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG                        J.

M.BabI        GANTC                          GANTC
BacI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Bac36I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bac465I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
BadI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BaeI          ACNNNNGTAYC                    GRTACNNNNGT                    N.
BaeI          GRTACNNNNGT                    ACNNNNGTAYC                    N.
M.BaeI        ACNNNNGTAYC                    ACNNNNGTAYC
BalI          TGGCCA                         TGGCCA                         AJKR.
M.BalI        TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
Bal228I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bal475I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bal3006I      GGCC                           GGCC
BamFI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
BamGI         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BamHI         GGATCC                         GGATCC                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.BamHI       GGATCC                         GGATCC                         KN.
M.BamHII      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BamKI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
BamNI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
BamNxI        GGWCC                          GGWCC
BanI          GGYRCC                         GGYRCC                         NORU.
M.BanI        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
BanII         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC                         AGKMNOQRSX.
M.BanII       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
BanIII        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         O.
M.BanIII      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BanAI         GGCC                           GGCC
BasI          CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
BauI          CACGAG                         CTCGTG                         F.
BavI          CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BavAI         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BavAII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
BavBI         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BavBII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
BavCI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BazI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bba179I       WCCGGW                         WCCGGW
BbeI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         AK.
BbeII         ?                              ?
BbeAI         GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
BbeAII        ?                              ?
BbeSI         ?                              ?
BbfI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bbf7411I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BbiI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BbiII         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
BbiIII        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BbiIV         ?                              ?
Bbi24I        ACGCGT                         ACGCGT
BboI          ?                              ?
BbrI          AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Bbr7I         GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BbrAI         AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BbrPI         CACGTG                         CACGTG                         MO.
BbsI          GAAGAC                         GTCTTC                         N.
BbtI          GCGC                           GCGC
BbuI          GCATGC                         GCATGC                         R.
M.Bbu297I     CCWGG                          CCWGG
BbvI          GCAGC                          GCTGC                          N.
M.BbvI        GCAGC                          GCAGC
BbvII         GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
Bbv12I        GWGCWC                         GWGCWC                         IV.
Bbv16II       GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BbvAI         GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC
BbvAII        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BbvAIII       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BbvBI         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
BbvCI         CCTCAGC                        GCTGAGG                        N.
M1.BbvCI      CCTCAGC                        CCTCAGC
M2.BbvCI      CCTCAGC                        CCTCAGC
M.BbvSI       GCWGC                          GCWGC
BcaI          GCGC                           GCGC
Bca77I        WCCGGW                         WCCGGW
Bca1259I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BccI          CCATC                          GATGG                          N.
M1.BccI       CCATC                          CCATC
M2.BccI       CCATC                          CCATC
Bce4I         GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC
Bce22I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bce71I        GGCC                           GGCC
Bce83I        CTTGAG                         CTCAAG
Bce170I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bce243I       GATC                           GATC
Bce751I       GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bce1229I      ?                              ?
Bce1247I      GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC
M.Bce1247I    GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC
Bce14579I     ?                              ?
Bce31293I     CGCG                           CGCG
BceAI         ACGGC                          GCCGT                          N.
M1.BceAI      ACGGC                          ACGGC
M2.BceAI      ACGGC                          ACGGC
BceBI         CGCG                           CGCG
BceCI         GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC
BceDI         TGATCA                         TGATCA
BceRI         CGCG                           CGCG
BceSI         ?                              ?
M.BceSI       ?                              ?
BcefI         ACGGC                          GCCGT
BcgI          CGANNNNNNTGC                   GCANNNNNNTCG                   N.
BcgI          GCANNNNNNTCG                   CGANNNNNNTGC                   N.
BchI          GCAGC                          GCTGC
M.BchI        GCAGC                          GCAGC
Bci29I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BciAI         ?                              ?
BciBI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BciBII        CCWGG                          CCWGG
BciVI         GTATCC                         GGATAC                         N.
BclI          TGATCA                         TGATCA                         CFGJMNORSUY.
M.BclI        TGATCA                         TGATCA
BcmI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BcnI          CCSGG                          CCSGG                          FK.
M1.BcnI       CCSGG                          CCSGG
M2.BcnI       CCSGG                          CCSGG
BcoI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Bco5I         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
Bco6I         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
Bco27I        CCGG                           CCGG
Bco33I        GGCC                           GGCC
Bco35I        CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
Bco63I        GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
Bco79I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bco102I       TGATCA                         TGATCA
Bco102II      GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
Bco116I       CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
Bco118I       RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
Bco163I       CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
Bco631I       GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
Bco10278I     GGATCC                         GGATCC
BcoAI         CACGTG                         CACGTG
BcoKI         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
M1.BcoKI      CTCTTC                         CTCTTC
M2.BcoKI      CTCTTC                         CTCTTC
BcoSI         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
BcrI          GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
BcrAI         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
BctI          ACGGC                          GCCGT
BcuI          ACTAGT                         ACTAGT                         F.
BcuAI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
BdaI          TGANNNNNNTCA                   TGANNNNNNTCA                   F.
BdaI          TGANNNNNNTCA                   TGANNNNNNTCA                   F.
BdiI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.BdiI        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BdiSI         CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
BecAI         ?                              ?
BecAII        GGCC                           GGCC
BepI          CGCG                           CGCG
M.BepI        CGCG                           CGCG
BetI          WCCGGW                         WCCGGW
BfaI          CTAG                           CTAG                           N.
BfiI          ACTGGG                         CCCAGT                         F.
M1.BfiI       ACTGGG                         ACTGGG
M2.BfiI       ACTGGG                         ACTGGG
Bfi57I        GATC                           GATC
Bfi89I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Bfi105I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bfi458I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bfi2411I      ?                              ?
BfiSHI        GATC                           GATC
BflI          CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG
M.BflBF4I     GCSGC                          GCSGC
BfmI          CTRYAG                         CTRYAG                         F.
BfrI          CTTAAG                         CTTAAG                         MO.
BfrAI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BfrBI         ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
BfrCI         ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
BfuI          GTATCC                         GGATAC                         F.
Bfu1570I      GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
BfuAI         ACCTGC                         GCAGGT                         N.
M1.BfuAI      ACCTGC                         ACCTGC
M2.BfuAI      ACCTGC                         ACCTGC
BfuCI         GATC                           GATC                           N.
BgiI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
BglI          GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC                    ACFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.BglI        GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
BglII         AGATCT                         AGATCT                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.BglII       AGATCT                         AGATCT
BhaI          GCATC                          GATGC
M1.BhaI       GCATC                          GCATC
M2.BhaI       GCATC                          GCATC
BhaII         GGCC                           GGCC
M.BhaII       GGCC                           GGCC
BheI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
BimI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bim19I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bim19II       GGCC                           GGCC
BinI          GGATC                          GATCC
BinSI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BinSII        GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
BisI          GCNGC                          GCNGC                          I.
Bka1125I      GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
Bla7920I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BlfI          TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         U.
BliI          GGCC                           GGCC
Bli41I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bli49I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Bli86I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bli161I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Bli576I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bli576II      GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Bli585I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bli643I       CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Bli736I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
M.Bli736I     GGTCTC                         GGTCTC
Bli5508I      GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Bli11054I     ?                              ?
BliAI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BliHKI        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
BliRI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BlnI          CCTAGG                         CCTAGG                         AKMS.
BloI          ?                              ?
BloHI         RGATCY                         RGATCY
BloHII        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BloHIII       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BlpI          GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC                        N.
M.BlpI        GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
BluI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BluII         GGCC                           GGCC
BmaI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
M.BmaI        CGATCG                         CGATCG
BmaAI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
BmaBI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
BmaCI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
BmaDI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
BmaHI         GAATGC                         GCATTC
M.BmaPhiE125I ?                              ?
M.BmaPhiE125I ?                              ?
BmcAI         AGTACT                         AGTACT                         V.
BmeI          ?                              ?
Bme05I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Bme12I        GATC                           GATC
Bme18I        GGWCC                          GGWCC                          IV.
Bme46I        GGCC                           GGCC
Bme74I        GGCC                           GGCC
Bme142I       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
Bme205I       ?                              ?
Bme216I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.Bme216I     GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bme361I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bme585I       CCCGC                          GCGGG
Bme899I       ?                              ?
Bme1390I      CCNGG                          CCNGG                          F.
Bme1580I      GKGCMC                         GKGCMC                         N.
Bme2095I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bme2494I      GATC                           GATC
BmeBI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BmeRI         GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC                    V.
BmeTI         TGATCA                         TGATCA
M.BmeTI       TGATCA                         TGATCA
BmeT110I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG                         K.
BmeU1594I     GGCC                           GGCC
BmgI          GKGCCC                         GGGCMC
BmgAI         GKGCMC                         GKGCMC
BmgBI         CACGTC                         GACGTG                         N.
BmgT120I      GGNCC                          GGNCC                          K.
BmiI          GGNNCC                         GGNNCC                         V.
BmpI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
BmrI          ACTGGG                         CCCAGT                         N.
M1.BmrI       ACTGGG                         ACTGGG
M2.BmrI       ACTGGG                         ACTGGG
BmrFI         CCNGG                          CCNGG                          V.
BmtI          GCTAGC                         GCTAGC                         INV.
BmuI          ACTGGG                         CCCAGT                         I.
BmyI          GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
BnaI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.BnaI        GGATCC                         GGATCC
BoxI          GACNNNNGTC                     GACNNNNGTC                     F.
BpaI          ?                              ?
Bpa34I        AGTACT                         AGTACT
Bpa36I        GGCC                           GGCC
Bpa36II       CTNAG                          CTNAG
BpcI          CTRYAG                         CTRYAG                         U.
BpeI          AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BpiI          GAAGAC                         GTCTTC                         F.
BplI          GAGNNNNNCTC                    GAGNNNNNCTC                    F.
BplI          GAGNNNNNCTC                    GAGNNNNNCTC                    F.
BpmI          CTGGAG                         CTCCAG                         IN.
M.BpmI        CTGGAG                         CTGGAG
BpnI          ?                              ?
BpoAI         ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
BprI          ?                              ?
BpsI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
BptI          CCWGG                          CCWGG                          U.
BpuI          GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Bpu10I        CCTNAGC                        GCTNAGG                        FINV.
M1.Bpu10I     CCTNAGC                        CCTNAGC
M2.Bpu10I     CCTNAGC                        CCTNAGC
Bpu14I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         IV.
Bpu86I        GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
Bpu95I        CGCG                           CGCG
Bpu1102I      GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC                        AFK.
Bpu1268I      CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
Bpu1811I      GCNGC                          GCNGC
Bpu1831I      TACGTA                         TACGTA
BpuAI         GAAGAC                         GTCTTC                         M.
BpuAmI        GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
BpuB5I        CGTACG                         CGTACG
BpuCI         GGCGGA                         TCCGCC
BpuDI         CCTNAGC                        GCTNAGG
BpuEI         CTTGAG                         CTCAAG                         N.
BpuFI         GGATC                          GATCC
BpuGI         RGATCY                         RGATCY
BpuGCI        GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
BpuHI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
BpuJI         CCCGT                          ACGGG
BpuMI         CCSGG                          CCSGG                          V.
BpuNI         GGGAC                          GTCCC
BpuSI         GGGAC                          GTCCC
M1.BpuSI      GGGAC                          GGGAC
M2.BpuSI      GGGAC                          GGGAC
BpvUI         CGATCG                         CGATCG                         V.
BsaI          GGTCTC                         GAGACC                         N.
M1.BsaI       GGTCTC                         GGTCTC
M2.BsaI       GGTCTC                         GGTCTC
Bsa29I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         I.
BsaAI         YACGTR                         YACGTR                         N.
M.BsaAI       YACGTR                         YACGTR
BsaBI         GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC                     N.
BsaCI         CCNGG                          CCNGG
BsaDI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
BsaEI         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
BsaFI         CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
BsaGI         GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
BsaHI         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC                         N.
BsaJI         CCNNGG                         CCNNGG                         N.
M.BsaJI       CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
BsaKI         GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
BsaLI         AGCT                           AGCT
BsaMI         GAATGC                         GCATTC                         GR.
BsaNI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BsaNII        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BsaOI         CGRYCG                         CGRYCG
BsaPI         GATC                           GATC
BsaQI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BsaRI         GGCC                           GGCC
BsaRII        ?                              ?
BsaSI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
BsaTI         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
BsaUI         GCAGC                          GCTGC
BsaVI         GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BsaWI         WCCGGW                         WCCGGW                         N.
M.BsaWI       WCCGGW                         WCCGGW
BsaXI         ACNNNNNCTCC                    GGAGNNNNNGT                    N.
BsaXI         GGAGNNNNNGT                    ACNNNNNCTCC                    N.
BsaZI         CCGG                           CCGG
BsbI          CAACAC                         GTGTTG
BscI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsc4I         CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG                    I.
Bsc91I        GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
Bsc107I       CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG
Bsc217I       GATATC                         GATATC
BscAI         GCATC                          GATGC
BscBI         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
BscCI         GAATGC                         GCATTC
BscDI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BscEI         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
BscFI         GATC                           GATC
BscGI         CCCGT                          ACGGG
M1.BscGI      CCCGT                          CCCGT
M2.BscGI      CCCGT                          CCCGT
BscHI         ACTGG                          CCAGT
BscJI         CCANNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNTGG
BscKI         GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BscLI         CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
BscMI         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
BscNI         CGRYCG                         CGRYCG
BscOI         GCATGC                         GCATGC
BscPI         CTNAG                          CTNAG
BscQI         GGCC                           GGCC
BscQII        GTCTC                          GAGAC
BscRI         RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
BscSI         RGATCY                         RGATCY
BscTI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
BscUI         GCATC                          GATGC
BscVI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BscWI         GGGAC                          GTCCC
BseI          GGCC                           GGCC
BseII         GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
Bse1I         ACTGG                          CCAGT                          IV.
Bse8I         GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC                     IV.
Bse9I         GGCC                           GGCC
Bse15I        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Bse16I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bse17I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bse19I        CCATGG                         CCATGG
Bse21I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG                        IV.
Bse23I        CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG
Bse24I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bse54I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bse59I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Bse64I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Bse118I       RCCGGY                         RCCGGY                         IV.
Bse126I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bse631I       GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
Bse634I       RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
M.Bse634I     RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
BseAI         TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         CM.
BseBI         CCWGG                          CCWGG                          C.
BseB631I      GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
BseB631II     AGATCT                         AGATCT
BseCI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         C.
M.BseCI       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BseDI         CCNNGG                         CCNNGG                         F.
M.BseDI       CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
Bse3DI        GCAATG                         CATTGC                         IV.
BseEI         ?                              ?
BseFI         ?                              ?
BseGI         GGATG                          CATCC                          F.
BseG73I       CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
BseHI         AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BseJI         GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC                     F.
BseKI         GCAGC                          GCTGC
BseLI         CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG                    F.
BseMI         GCAATG                         CATTGC                         F.
BseMII        CTCAG                          CTGAG                          F.
M.BseMII      ?                              ?
BseNI         ACTGG                          CCAGT                          FG.
BsePI         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC                         IV.
BseQI         GGCC                           GGCC
BseRI         GAGGAG                         CTCCTC                         N.
M.BseRI       GAGGAG                         GAGGAG
BseSI         GKGCMC                         GKGCMC                         F.
BseTI         ?                              ?
BseT9I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
BseT10I       GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
BseWI         ?                              ?
BseXI         GCAGC                          GCTGC                          F.
BseX3I        CGGCCG                         CGGCCG                         IV.
BseYI         CCCAGC                         GCTGGG                         N.
M.BseYI       CCCAGC                         CCCAGC
BseZI         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
BsgI          GTGCAG                         CTGCAC                         N.
M.BsgI        GTGCAG                         GTGCAG
BshI          GGCC                           GGCC
Bsh45I        GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
Bsh1236I      CGCG                           CGCG                           F.
Bsh1285I      CGRYCG                         CGRYCG                         F.
Bsh1365I      GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
BshAI         GGCC                           GGCC
Bsh108AI      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BshBI         GGCC                           GGCC
BshCI         GGCC                           GGCC
BshDI         GGCC                           GGCC
BshEI         GGCC                           GGCC
BshFI         GGCC                           GGCC                           C.
BshGI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BshHI         AGTACT                         AGTACT
BshKI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
BshLI         GATATC                         GATATC
BshMI         CCGG                           CCGG
BshNI         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC                         F.
BshTI         ACCGGT                         ACCGGT                         F.
BshVI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         V.
BsiI          CACGAG                         CTCGTG
BsiAI         GGCC                           GGCC
BsiBI         GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
BsiCI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
BsiDI         GGCC                           GGCC
BsiEI         CGRYCG                         CGRYCG                         N.
BsiFI         ?                              ?
BsiGI         TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BsiHI         GGCC                           GGCC
BsiHKAI       GWGCWC                         GWGCWC                         N.
BsiHKCI       CYCGRG                         CYCGRG                         QX.
BsiJI         ?                              ?
BsiKI         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
BsiLI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BsiMI         TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BsiNI         ?                              ?
BsiOI         TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BsiPI         ?                              ?
BsiQI         TGATCA                         TGATCA
BsiRI         ?                              ?
BsiSI         CCGG                           CCGG                           C.
BsiTI         ?                              ?
BsiUI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BsiVI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BsiWI         CGTACG                         CGTACG                         MNO.
M.BsiWI       CGTACG                         CGTACG
BsiXI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BsiYI         CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG                    M.
BsiZI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
BslI          CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG                    GN.
M.BslI        CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG
BslFI         GGGAC                          GTCCC                          I.
BsmI          GAATGC                         GCATTC                         JMNOS.
M1.BsmI       GAATGC                         GAATGC
M2.BsmI       GAATGC                         GAATGC
Bsm6I         GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
BsmAI         GTCTC                          GAGAC                          N.
M.BsmAI       GTCTC                          GTCTC
BsmBI         CGTCTC                         GAGACG                         N.
M.BsmBI       CGTCTC                         CGTCTC
BsmCI         ACNNNNNCTCC                    GGAGNNNNNGT
BsmDI         ACNNNNNCTCC                    GGAGNNNNNGT
BsmEI         GAGTC                          GACTC
BsmFI         GGGAC                          GTCCC                          N.
M1.BsmFI      GGGAC                          GGGAC
M2.BsmFI      GGGAC                          GGGAC
BsmGI         TGTACA                         TGTACA
BsmGII        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BsmHI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
BsmNI         GCATC                          GATGC
BsmPI         GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
BsmRI         TGTACA                         TGTACA
BsmSI         CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
BsmWI         CGTACG                         CGTACG
BsmXI         ACNNNNNCTCC                    GGAGNNNNNGT
BsmXII        GATC                           GATC
BsmYI         CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG
BsnI          GGCC                           GGCC                           V.
BsoI          CCNGG                          CCNGG
Bso31I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC                         IV.
BsoAI         GATATC                         GATATC
BsoBI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG                         N.
M.BsoBI       CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
BsoCI         GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
BsoDI         CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
BsoEI         CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
BsoFI         GCNGC                          GCNGC
BsoGI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BsoGII        ?                              ?
BsoHI         ACTGG                          CCAGT
BsoJI         GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
BsoKI         CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
BsoMAI        GTCTC                          GAGAC
BsoPI         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
BsoSI         AGTACT                         AGTACT
BspI          GATC                           GATC
M.BspI        GATC                           GATC
Bsp2I         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp4I         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp5I         CCGG                           CCGG
Bsp6I         GCNGC                          GCNGC
M.Bsp6I       GCNGC                          GCNGC
Bsp6II        CTGAAG                         CTTCAG
Bsp7I         CCSGG                          CCSGG
Bsp8I         CCSGG                          CCSGG
Bsp9I         GATC                           GATC
Bsp12I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Bsp12II       ?                              ?
Bsp13I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         IV.
Bsp16I        GATATC                         GATATC
Bsp17I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp18I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp19I        CCATGG                         CCATGG                         IV.
Bsp21I        RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
Bsp22I        CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
Bsp23I        GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp24I        GACNNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNGTC
Bsp24I        CCANNNNNNGTC                   GACNNNNNNTGG
Bsp28I        CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
Bsp29I        GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
Bsp30I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp42I        ?                              ?
Bsp43I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp44I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bsp44II       GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp46I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp47I        CCGG                           CCGG
Bsp48I        CCGG                           CCGG
Bsp49I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp50I        CGCG                           CGCG
M.Bsp50I      CGCG                           CGCG
Bsp51I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp52I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp53I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Bsp54I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp55I        CCSGG                          CCSGG
Bsp56I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bsp57I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp58I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp59I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp60I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp61I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp63I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp64I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp65I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp66I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp67I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp68I        TCGCGA                         TCGCGA                         F.
Bsp70I        CGCG                           CGCG
Bsp71I        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bsp72I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp73I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Bsp74I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp76I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp78I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp81I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp82I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp84I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp87I        CACGTG                         CACGTG
Bsp90I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp90II       GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp91I        GATC                           GATC
Bsp92I        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bsp93I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp98I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.Bsp98I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp100I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bsp101I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp102I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp103I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bsp104I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp105I       GATC                           GATC
Bsp106I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.Bsp106I     ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp107I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp108I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp116I       CCGG                           CCGG
Bsp117I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Bsp119I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         F.
Bsp120I       GGGCCC                         GGGCCC                         FG.
Bsp121I       GCATGC                         GCATGC
Bsp122I       GATC                           GATC
Bsp123I       CGCG                           CGCG
Bsp125I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp126I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp127I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp128I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bsp129I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bsp130I       GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp131I       GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp132I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bsp133I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bsp135I       GATC                           GATC
Bsp136I       GATC                           GATC
Bsp137I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp138I       GATC                           GATC
Bsp139I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bsp140I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bsp141I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bsp142I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Bsp143I       GATC                           GATC                           F.
Bsp143II      RGCGCY                         RGCGCY                         F.
M.Bsp143II    RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
Bsp144I       GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp145I       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsp146I       GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
Bsp147I       GATC                           GATC
Bsp148I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp151I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp211I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp226I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp228I       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Bsp233I       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Bsp241I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Bsp268I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bsp317I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bsp423I       GCAGC                          GCTGC
Bsp508I       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Bsp519I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Bsp548I       CCNGG                          CCNGG
Bsp774I       ?                              ?
Bsp881I       GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp1260I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bsp1261I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp1286I      GDGCHC                         GDGCHC                         JKNR.
Bsp1407I      TGTACA                         TGTACA                         FK.
Bsp1566I      ?                              ?
Bsp1591I      GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Bsp1591II     CCGG                           CCGG
Bsp1593I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp1720I      GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC                        IV.
Bsp1883I      ?                              ?
Bsp1894I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bsp2013I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp2095I      GATC                           GATC
Bsp2362I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp2500I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsp4009I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsp9002I      ?                              ?
BspAI         GATC                           GATC
BspA2I        CCTAGG                         CCTAGG
Bsp153AI      CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BspAAI        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BspAAII       TCTAGA                         TCTAGA
BspAAIII      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BspACI        CCGC                           GCGG                           I.
BspANI        GGCC                           GGCC                           X.
BspBI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BspBII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
BspB2I        ?                              ?
BspBDG2I      GGCC                           GGCC
BspBRI        GGCC                           GGCC
BspBS31I      GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BspBSE18I     GGCC                           GGCC
BspBake1I     GGCC                           GGCC
BspCI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
BspCHE15I     GGCC                           GGCC
BspCNI        CTCAG                          CTGAG                          N.
M.BspCNI      CTCAG                          CTCAG
BspDI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         N.
BspD6II       CTGAAG                         CTTCAG
BspD6III      ?                              ?
BspEI         TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         N.
M.BspEI       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BspFI         GATC                           GATC
BspF4I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
BspF53I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
BspF105I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
BspGI         CTGGAC                         GTCCAG
BspGHA1I      GGCC                           GGCC
BspHI         TCATGA                         TCATGA                         N.
M.BspHI       TCATGA                         TCATGA
BspH22I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
BspH43I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
BspH103I      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
BspH106I      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
BspH106II     GGCC                           GGCC
BspH226I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BspIAB59I     ?                              ?
BspIS4I       GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
M.BspIS4I     GAAGAC                         GAAGAC
BspJI         GATC                           GATC
BspJII        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BspJ64I       GATC                           GATC
BspJ67I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
BspJ74I       CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
BspJ76I       CGCG                           CGCG
BspJ105I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
BspJ106I      GGTACC                         GGTACC
BspKI         GGCC                           GGCC
BspKT5I       CTGAAG                         CTTCAG
BspKT6I       GATC                           GATC
M.BspKT6I     GATC                           GATC
BspKT8I       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BspK1aI       ?                              ?
BspLI         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC                         F.
BspLAI        GCGC                           GCGC
BspLAII       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
BspLAIII      AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BspLRI        GGCC                           GGCC
BspLS2I       GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
BspLU4I       CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
BspLU11I      ACATGT                         ACATGT                         M.
BspLU11II     TCTAGA                         TCTAGA
BspLU11III    GGGAC                          GTCCC
M1.BspLU11III GGGAC                          GGGAC
M2.BspLU11III GGGAC                          GGGAC
BspMI         ACCTGC                         GCAGGT                         N.
M1.BspMI      ACCTGC                         ACCTGC
M2.BspMI      ACCTGC                         ACCTGC
BspMII        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
M.BspMII      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BspM39I       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BspM90I       GTATAC                         GTATAC
BspMAI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG                         X.
BspMKI        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
BspNI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BspNCI        CCAGA                          TCTGG
BspO4I        CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
BspOVI        GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC
BspOVII       ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BspPI         GGATC                          GATCC                          F.
BspPR1I       ?                              ?
BspQI         GCTCTTC                        GAAGAGC
BspRI         GGCC                           GGCC
M.BspRI       GGCC                           GGCC
BspR7I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
BspSI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BspS122I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BspSSI        ?                              ?
BspST5I       GCATC                          GATGC
M.BspST5I     GCATC                          GCATC
BspTI         CTTAAG                         CTTAAG                         F.
BspT104I      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         K.
BspT107I      GGYRCC                         GGYRCC                         K.
BspTNI        GGTCTC                         GAGACC                         X.
BspTS514I     GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BspUI         GCSGC                          GCSGC
BspVI         GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BspWI         GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC
BspXI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         G.
BspXII        TGATCA                         TGATCA
BspZEI        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BsrI          ACTGG                          CCAGT                          N.
M1.BsrI       ACTGG                          ACTGG
M2.BsrI       ACTGG                          ACTGG
BsrAI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
BsrBI         CCGCTC                         GAGCGG                         N.
M1.BsrBI      CCGCTC                         CCGCTC
M2.BsrBI      CCGCTC                         CCGCTC
BsrBRI        GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
BsrCI         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BsrDI         GCAATG                         CATTGC                         N.
BsrEI         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
BsrFI         RCCGGY                         RCCGGY                         N.
M.BsrFI       RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
BsrGI         TGTACA                         TGTACA                         N.
M.BsrGI       ?                              ?
BsrGII        ?                              ?
BsrHI         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
BsrMI         GATC                           GATC
BsrPI         ?                              ?
BsrPII        GATC                           GATC
BsrSI         ACTGG                          CCAGT                          R.
BsrVI         GCAGC                          GCTGC
BsrWI         GGATC                          GATCC
BsrXI         TCTAGA                         TCTAGA
BssI          GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
BssAI         RCCGGY                         RCCGGY                         C.
BssBI         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
BssCI         GGCC                           GGCC
BssECI        CCNNGG                         CCNNGG                         I.
BssFI         GCNGC                          GCNGC
BssGI         CCANNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNTGG
BssGII        GATC                           GATC
BssHI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
M.BssHI       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BssHII        GCGCGC                         GCGCGC                         AJKMNOQRSX.
M.BssHII      GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
BssIMI        GGGTC                          GACCC
BssKI         CCNGG                          CCNGG                          N.
BssMI         GATC                           GATC                           V.
BssNI         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC                         V.
BssNAI        GTATAC                         GTATAC                         IV.
BssPI         ?                              ?
BssSI         CACGAG                         CTCGTG                         N.
M.BssSI       CACGAG                         CACGAG
BssT1I        CCWWGG                         CCWWGG                         IV.
BssXI         GCNGC                          GCNGC
BstI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.BstI        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bst1I         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bst2I         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bst6I         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG                         IV.
Bst11I        ACTGG                          CCAGT
Bst12I        GCAGC                          GCTGC
Bst16I        RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
Bst19I        GCATC                          GATGC
Bst19II       GATC                           GATC
Bst22I        CCNNNNNNNGG                    CCNNNNNNNGG
Bst28I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bst29I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Bst30I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Bst31I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Bst38I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bst40I        CCGG                           CCGG
Bst44I        ?                              ?
Bst71I        GCAGC                          GCTGC
Bst77I        TGATCA                         TGATCA
Bst98I        CTTAAG                         CTTAAG                         R.
Bst100I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bst158I       CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
Bst170I       TGTACA                         TGTACA
Bst170II      AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Bst224I       CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
Bst295I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
Bst1107I      GTATAC                         GTATAC                         FKM.
Bst1126I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bst1274I      GATC                           GATC
Bst1473I      WCCGGW                         WCCGGW
Bst1473II     RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
Bst2464I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bst2902I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BstAI         ?                              ?
BstACI        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC                         I.
BstAPI        GCANNNNNTGC                    GCANNNNNTGC                    IN.
BstAUI        TGTACA                         TGTACA                         IV.
BstBI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         N.
Bst2BI        CACGAG                         CTCGTG                         IV.
BstBAI        YACGTR                         YACGTR                         IV.
BstBAII       CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
BstBSI        GTATAC                         GTATAC
BstB7SI       RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
BstBS32I      GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BstBZ153I     GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
BstCI         GGCC                           GGCC
Bst4CI        ACNGT                          ACNGT                          IV.
BstC8I        GCNNGC                         GCNNGC                         I.
BstDI         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
BstD102I      CCGCTC                         GAGCGG
BstDEI        CTNAG                          CTNAG                          IV.
BstDSI        CCRYGG                         CCRYGG                         IV.
BstDZ247I     CCCGT                          ACGGG
BstEI         ?                              ?
BstEII        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC                        GHJMNORSU.
M.BstEII      GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
BstEIII       GATC                           GATC
M.BstEIII     GATC                           GATC
BstENI        CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG                    IV.
BstENII       GATC                           GATC
BstEZ359I     GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
BstFI         AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BstF5I        GGATG                          CATCC                          INV.
M1.BstF5I     GGATG                          GGATG
M2.BstF5I     GGATG                          GGATG
M3.BstF5I     GGATG                          GGATG
M4.BstF5I     GGATG                          GGATG
BstFNI        CGCG                           CGCG                           IV.
BstFZ438I     CCCGC                          GCGGG
BstGI         TGATCA                         TGATCA
BstGII        CCWGG                          CCWGG
M.BstGII      CCWGG                          CCWGG
BstGZ53I      CGTCTC                         GAGACG
BstHI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BstH2I        RGCGCY                         RGCGCY                         IV.
BstH9I        GGATC                          GATCC
BstHHI        GCGC                           GCGC                           IV.
BstHPI        GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
BstHZ55I      CCANNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNTGG
BstIZ316I     CACNNNGTG                      CACNNNGTG
BstJI         GGCC                           GGCC
BstJZ301I     CTNAG                          CTNAG
BstKI         TGATCA                         TGATCA
BstKTI        GATC                           GATC                           I.
BstKZ418I     ?                              ?
BstLI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BstLVI        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.BstLVI      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BstMI         AGTACT                         AGTACT
BstM6I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
BstMAI        GTCTC                          GAGAC                          IV.
BstMBI        GATC                           GATC                           IV.
BstMCI        CGRYCG                         CGRYCG                         IV.
BstMWI        GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC                    I.
BstMZ611I     CCNGG                          CCNGG
BstNI         CCWGG                          CCWGG                          N.
M.BstNI       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Bst31NI       CCGCTC                         GAGCGG
M.BstNBI      GASTC                          GASTC
M.BstNBII     ?                              ?
BstNSI        RCATGY                         RCATGY                         IV.
BstNSII       CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
BstNZ169I     ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BstOI         CCWGG                          CCWGG                          R.
BstOZ616I     GGGAC                          GTCCC
BstPI         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC                        K.
BstPAI        GACNNNNGTC                     GACNNNNGTC                     IV.
BstPZ740I     CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
BstQI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bst4QI        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Bst7QI        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Bst7QII       CCWGG                          CCWGG
BstRI         GATATC                         GATATC
BstRZ246I     ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT
BstRZ459I     ?                              ?
BstSI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
BstSCI        CCNGG                          CCNGG                          I.
M1.BstSEI     GAGTC                          GAGTC
M2.BstSEI     GAGTC                          GAGTC
BstSFI        CTRYAG                         CTRYAG                         I.
BstSNI        TACGTA                         TACGTA                         IV.
BstSWI        ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT
BstTI         CCANNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNTGG
BstT7I        TGATCA                         TGATCA
BstT9I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
BstT10I       GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Bst31TI       GGATC                          GATCC
BstTS5I       GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
BstUI         CGCG                           CGCG                           N.
Bst2UI        CCWGG                          CCWGG                          IV.
BstVI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
M.BstVI       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BstV1I        GCAGC                          GCTGC                          I.
BstV2I        GAAGAC                         GTCTTC                         IV.
BstWI         CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
BstXI         CCANNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNTGG                   AFGHIJKMNOQRVX.
M.BstXI       CCANNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNTGG
BstXII        GATC                           GATC
BstX2I        RGATCY                         RGATCY                         IV.
BstYI         RGATCY                         RGATCY                         N.
M.BstYI       RGATCY                         RGATCY
BstZI         CGGCCG                         CGGCCG                         R.
BstZ1I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BstZ1II       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.BstZ1II     AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
BstZ2I        GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC
BstZ3I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
BstZ4I        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
BstZ5I        CGRYCG                         CGRYCG
BstZ6I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
BstZ7I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
BstZ8I        CGATCG                         CGATCG
BstZ9I        ACGCGT                         ACGCGT
BstZ10I       CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
BstZ10II      TGATCA                         TGATCA
BstZ12I       ?                              ?
BstZ13I       ?                              ?
BstZ14I       ?                              ?
BstZ15I       GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
BstZ16I       GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
BstZ17I       GTATAC                         GTATAC                         N.
Bsu6I         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
Bsu15I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         F.
M.Bsu15I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bsu22I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Bsu23I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Bsu36I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG                        NR.
M.Bsu36I      CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Bsu54I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bsu90I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsu121I       ?                              ?
Bsu1076I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsu1114I      GGCC                           GGCC
Bsu1145I      ?                              ?
Bsu1192I      CCGG                           CCGG
Bsu1192II     CGCG                           CGCG
Bsu1193I      CGCG                           CGCG
Bsu1259I      ?                              ?
Bsu1532I      CGCG                           CGCG
Bsu1854I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Bsu2413I      ?                              ?
Bsu5044I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Bsu6633I      CGCG                           CGCG
M.Bsu6633I    CGCG                           CGCG
Bsu8565I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Bsu8646I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BsuBI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.BsuBI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
BsuB519I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BsuB763I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
BsuCI         ?                              ?
M.BsuCI       ?                              ?
BsuEII        CGCG                           CGCG
M.BsuEII      CGCG                           CGCG
BsuFI         CCGG                           CCGG
M.BsuFI       CCGG                           CCGG
BsuF2I        ?                              ?
BsuMI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
M1.BsuMI      ?                              ?
M2.BsuMI      ?                              ?
BsuRI         GGCC                           GGCC                           FI.
M.BsuRI       GGCC                           GGCC
BsuTUI        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         X.
BsxI          ACTGGG                         CCCAGT
BtcI          GATC                           GATC
BteI          GGCC                           GGCC
BtgI          CCRYGG                         CCRYGG                         N.
BtgAI         GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
BtgAII        GCATGC                         GCATGC
BtgZI         GCGATG                         CATCGC                         N.
BthI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
BthII         GGATC                          GATCC
Bth84I        GATC                           GATC
Bth211I       GATC                           GATC
Bth213I       GATC                           GATC
Bth221I       GATC                           GATC
Bth617I       GGATC                          GATCC
Bth945I       GATC                           GATC
Bth1140I      GATC                           GATC
Bth1141I      GATC                           GATC
Bth1202I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Bth1786I      GATC                           GATC
Bth1795I      CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
Bth1997I      GATC                           GATC
Bth2350I      CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Bth9411I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Bth9415I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
BthAI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
BthCI         GCNGC                          GCNGC
BthCanI       GATC                           GATC
BthDI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
BthEI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
M.BthIPS78    ACGGC                          ACGGC
BthP35I       CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
BtiI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
BtkI          CGCG                           CGCG
BtkII         GATC                           GATC
BtrI          CACGTC                         GACGTG                         IV.
BtsI          GCAGTG                         CACTGC                         N.
M1.BtsI       GCAGTG                         GCAGTG
M2.BtsI       GCAGTG                         GCAGTG
BtsCI         GGATG                          CATCC                          N.
M.BtsCI       GGATG                          GGATG
BtsPI         GGGTC                          GACCC
BtuI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Btu33I        GATC                           GATC
Btu34I        GATC                           GATC
Btu34II       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
Btu36I        GATC                           GATC
Btu37I        GATC                           GATC
Btu39I        GATC                           GATC
Btu41I        GATC                           GATC
BtuMI         TCGCGA                         TCGCGA                         V.
BveI          ACCTGC                         GCAGGT                         F.
BvuI          GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
BvuBI         CGTACG                         CGTACG

CacI          GATC                           GATC
Cac8I         GCNNGC                         GCNNGC                         N.
M.Cac8I       GCNNGC                         GCNNGC
Cac824I       GCNGC                          GCNGC
M.Cac824I     GCNGC                          GCNGC
CaiI          CAGNNNCTG                      CAGNNNCTG                      F.
CalI          ?                              ?
Cas2I         CGATCG                         CGATCG
CauI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
CauII         CCSGG                          CCSGG
CauIII        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
CauB3I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
CbiI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
CboI          CCGG                           CCGG
M.CboI        CCGG                           CCGG
CbrI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
CceI          CCGG                           CCGG
CciNI         GCGGCCGC                       GCGGCCGC                       IV.
CcoI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
CcoP31I       GATC                           GATC
CcoP73I       GTAC                           GTAC
CcoP76I       GATC                           GATC
CcoP84I       GATC                           GATC
CcoP95I       GCGC                           GCGC
CcoP95II      GATC                           GATC
CcoP215I      GCNGC                          GCNGC
CcoP216I      GCNGC                          GCNGC
CcoP219I      GATC                           GATC
CcrI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
M.CcrMI       GANTC                          GANTC
CcuI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
CcyI          GATC                           GATC
CdiI          CATCG                          CGATG
M.CdiI        TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
Cdi27I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
M.Cdi630I     TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
M.Cdi630II    ?                              ?
M.Cdi630III   CCSSGG                         CCSSGG
M.Cdi630IV    GCWGC                          GCWGC
Cdi630V       ?                              ?
CdiAI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
CdiCD6I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.CdiCD6I     GGNCC                          GGNCC
CdiCD6II      GATC                           GATC
M.CdiCD6II    GATC                           GATC
CelI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
CelII         GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC                        M.
CeqI          GATATC                         GATATC
M.CeqI        GATATC                         GATATC
CfaI          RAATTY                         RAATTY
CflI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
CfoI          GCGC                           GCGC                           GMRS.
CfrI          YGGCCR                         YGGCCR                         F.
M.CfrI        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr4I         GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr5I         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr6I         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
M.Cfr6I       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Cfr7I         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Cfr8I         GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr9I         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG                         FO.
M.Cfr9I       CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Cfr10I        RCCGGY                         RCCGGY                         FGKO.
M.Cfr10I      RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
Cfr11I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr13I        GGNCC                          GGNCC                          AFKO.
M.Cfr13I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr14I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr19I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Cfr20I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr22I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr23I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr24I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr25I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr27I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr28I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr29I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr30I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr31I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr32I        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Cfr33I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr35I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr37I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Cfr38I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr39I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr40I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr41I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Cfr42I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG                         F.
M.Cfr42I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Cfr43I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Cfr45I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr45II       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Cfr46I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr47I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr48I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Cfr51I        CGATCG                         CGATCG
Cfr52I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr54I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Cfr55I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr56I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Cfr57I        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Cfr58I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Cfr59I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Cfr92I        CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
CfrA4I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
CfrBI         CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
M.CfrBI       CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
CfrJ4I        CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
CfrJ5I        GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
CfrNI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
CfrS37I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
CfuI          GATC                           GATC
CfuII         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.CfuIII      ?                              ?
CglI          GCSGC                          GCSGC
M.CglI        GCSGC                          GCSGC
Cgl165I       ?                              ?
CglAI         GCATGC                         GCATGC
CglAII        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
M.CglASI      GCSGC                          GCSGC
ChaI          GATC                           GATC
ChiI          ?                              ?
ChuI          AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
ChuII         GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
ChyI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Cin1467I      GATC                           GATC
CjaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
CjeI          CCANNNNNNGT                    ACNNNNNNTGG
CjeI          ACNNNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNNGT
M.CjeNI       GAATTC                         GAATTC
CjeNII        GAGNNNNNGT                     ACNNNNNCTC
CjePI         CCANNNNNNNTC                   GANNNNNNNTGG
CjePI         GANNNNNNNTGG                   CCANNNNNNNTC
CjeP338I      GATC                           GATC
CjeP338II     GCATC                          GATGC
CjuI          CAYNNNNNRTG                    CAYNNNNNRTG
CjuII         CAYNNNNNCTC                    GAGNNNNNRTG
ClaI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         ABHKMNRSU.
M.ClaI        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT                         K.
ClcI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
ClcII         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
CliI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
CliII         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
CliIII        ?                              ?
ClmI          GGCC                           GGCC
ClmII         GGWCC                          GGWCC
CltI          GGCC                           GGCC
CluI          ?                              ?
CpaI          GATC                           GATC
Cpa1150I      CGCG                           CGCG
CpaAI         CGCG                           CGCG
CpeI          TGATCA                         TGATCA
CpfI          GATC                           GATC
CpfAI         GATC                           GATC
CpoI          CGGWCCG                        CGGWCCG                        AFK.
CprJK699I     ?                              ?
CprJK722I     ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
M.CreDnmt1    ?                              ?
CscI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
CseI          GACGC                          GCGTC                          F.
CsiAI         ACCGGT                         ACCGGT
CsiBI         GCGGCCGC                       GCGGCCGC
CspI          CGGWCCG                        CGGWCCG                        OR.
Csp2I         GGCC                           GGCC
Csp4I         ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Csp5I         GATC                           GATC
Csp6I         GTAC                           GTAC                           F.
M.Csp6I       GTAC                           GTAC
Csp45I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         OR.
Csp231I       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.Csp231I     AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Csp1470I      GCGC                           GCGC
CspAI         ACCGGT                         ACCGGT                         C.
CspBI         GCGGCCGC                       GCGGCCGC
CspCI         CAANNNNNGTGG                   CCACNNNNNTTG                   N.
CspCI         CCACNNNNNTTG                   CAANNNNNGTGG                   N.
Csp68KI       GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.Csp68KI     GGWCC                          GGWCC
Csp68KII      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Csp68KIII     ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
M.Csp68KIV    CCGG                           CCGG
M.Csp68KV     GGCC                           GGCC
Csp68KVI      CGCG                           CGCG
CspKVI        CGCG                           CGCG
CstI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
CstMI         AAGGAG                         CTCCTT
CsuI          ?                              ?
Cte1I         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Cte1179I      GATC                           GATC
Cte1180I      GATC                           GATC
CthI          TGATCA                         TGATCA
CthII         CCWGG                          CCWGG
CtyI          GATC                           GATC
M.CvaI        ?                              ?
CveI          ?                              ?
CviI          ?                              ?
CviAI         GATC                           GATC
M.CviAI       GATC                           GATC
CviAII        CATG                           CATG                           N.
M.CviAII      CATG                           CATG
M.CviAIV      RGCB                           RGCB
M.CviAV       ?                              ?
CviBI         GANTC                          GANTC
M.CviBI       GANTC                          GANTC
M.CviBII      GATC                           GATC
M.CviBIII     TCGA                           TCGA
CviCI         GANTC                          GANTC
CviDI         GANTC                          GANTC
CviEI         GANTC                          GANTC
CviFI         GANTC                          GANTC
CviGI         GANTC                          GANTC
CviHI         GATC                           GATC
CviJI         RGCY                           RGCY                           VX.
M.CviJI       RGCB                           RGCB
CviKI         RGCY                           RGCY
CviKI-1       RGCY                           RGCY                           N.
M.CviKI       RGCY                           RGCY
CviLI         RGCY                           RGCY
CviMI         RGCY                           RGCY
CviNI         RGCY                           RGCY
CviOI         RGCY                           RGCY
M.CviPI       GC                             GC
M.CviPII      ?                              ?
CviQI         GTAC                           GTAC
M.CviQI       GTAC                           GTAC
M.CviQII      RAR                            RAR
M.CviQIII     TCGA                           TCGA
M.CviQVI      GANTC                          GANTC
M.CviQVII     CATG                           CATG
CviRI         TGCA                           TGCA
M.CviRI       TGCA                           TGCA
CviRII        GTAC                           GTAC
M.CviRII      GTAC                           GTAC
M.CviSI       TGCA                           TGCA
M.CviSII      CATG                           CATG
CviSIII       TCGA                           TCGA
M.CviSIII     TCGA                           TCGA
CvnI          CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG

DaqI          GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
M.DcaI        ?                              ?
M.DcaII       ?                              ?
DdeI          CTNAG                          CTNAG                          BGMNORS.
M.DdeI        CTNAG                          CTNAG
DdeII         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
DdsI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.DhaYORF2200 TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
DinI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         V.
I-DirI        ?                              ?
DmaI          CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
DmoI          ?                              ?
DpaI          AGTACT                         AGTACT
DpnI          GATC                           GATC                           BEFGMNRS.
DpnII         GATC                           GATC                           N.
M1.DpnII      GATC                           GATC
M2.DpnII      GATC                           GATC
DraI          TTTAAA                         TTTAAA                         ABFGIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.DraI        TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
DraII         RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY                        GM.
M.DraII       RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY
DraIII        CACNNNGTG                      CACNNNGTG                      GIMNV.
M.DraIII      CACNNNGTG                      CACNNNGTG
DrdI          GACNNNNNNGTC                   GACNNNNNNGTC                   N.
DrdII         GAACCA                         TGGTTC
DrdIII        CGATCG                         CGATCG
DrdAI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
DrdBI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
DrdCI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
DrdDI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
DrdEI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
DrdFI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
DriI          GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC                    I.
DsaI          CCRYGG                         CCRYGG
DsaII         GGCC                           GGCC
DsaIII        RGATCY                         RGATCY
DsaIV         GGWCC                          GGWCC
DsaV          CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.DsaV        CCNGG                          CCNGG
DsaVI         GTMKAC                         GTMKAC
DseDI         GACNNNNNNGTC                   GACNNNNNNGTC                   I.
Dsp1I         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG

EacI          GGATC                          GATCC
M.EacI        GGATC                          GGATC
EaeI          YGGCCR                         YGGCCR                         AKMN.
M.EaeI        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Eae2I         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Eae46I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
EaeAI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
EaePI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
EagI          CGGCCG                         CGGCCG                         GN.
M.EagI        CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
EagBI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
EagKI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
EagMI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
Eam1104I      CTCTTC                         GAAGAG                         F.
Eam1105I      GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC                    FK.
EarI          CTCTTC                         GAAGAG                         N.
M1.EarI       CTCTTC                         CTCTTC
M2.EarI       CTCTTC                         CTCTTC
EcaI          GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
M.EcaI        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
EcaII         CCWGG                          CCWGG
EccI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
EciI          GGCGGA                         TCCGCC                         N.
Eci125I       GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
EciAI         TACGTA                         TACGTA
EciBI         YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
EciCI         CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
EciDI         CCSGG                          CCSGG
EciEI         GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
EclI          CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
EclII         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl1I         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Ecl28I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Ecl37I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Ecl66I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl77I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ecl133I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ecl136I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl136II      GAGCTC                         GAGCTC                         F.
Ecl137I       GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
Ecl137II      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl593I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
EclHKI        GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC                    R.
EclJI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
EclRI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
EclS39I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
EclXI         CGGCCG                         CGGCCG                         MS.
Ecl18kI       CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.Ecl18kI     CCNGG                          CCNGG
Ecl37kI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ecl37kII      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl54kI       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl57kI       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl699kI      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ecl1zI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ecl1zII       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Ecl2zI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco17I        GATATC                         GATATC
Eco24I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC                         F.
Eco25I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco26I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco31I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC                         F.
M1.Eco31I     ?                              ?
M2.Eco31I     ?                              ?
Eco32I        GATATC                         GATATC                         F.
M.Eco32I      GATATC                         GATATC
Eco35I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco38I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco39I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Eco40I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco41I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco42I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco43I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco47I        GGWCC                          GGWCC                          FO.
Eco47II       GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.Eco47II     GGNCC                          GGNCC
Eco47III      AGCGCT                         AGCGCT                         FGMOR.
M.Eco47III    AGCGCT                         AGCGCT
Eco48I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco49I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco50I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco51I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco51II       CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco52I        CGGCCG                         CGGCCG                         FKO.
Eco55I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco56I        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
M.Eco56I      GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Eco57I        CTGAAG                         CTTCAG                         F.
M.Eco57I      CTGAAG                         CTGAAG
Eco60I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco61I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco64I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
M.Eco64I      GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco65I        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Eco67I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco68I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco70I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco71I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco72I        CACGTG                         CACGTG                         F.
M.Eco72I      CACGTG                         CACGTG
Eco76I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Eco78I        GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
Eco80I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco81I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG                        AFKO.
Eco82I        GAATTC                         GAATTC
Eco83I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco85I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco88I        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG                         F.
M.Eco88I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Eco90I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Eco91I        GGTNACC                        GGTNACC                        F.
Eco92I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco93I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco95I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco96I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco97I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco98I        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.Eco98I      AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Eco99I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco100I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco101I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco104I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco105I       TACGTA                         TACGTA                         FO.
M.Eco105I     TACGTA                         TACGTA
Eco112I       CTGAAG                         CTTCAG
Eco113I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco115I       CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Eco118I       CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Eco120I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco121I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
Eco125I       CTGAAG                         CTTCAG
Eco127I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco128I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
M.Eco128I     CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco129I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco130I       CCWWGG                         CCWWGG                         F.
Eco134I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco135I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco143I       GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
Eco147I       AGGCCT                         AGGCCT                         F.
M.Eco147I     AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Eco149I       GGTACC                         GGTACC
Eco151I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco152I       GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
Eco153I       CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco155I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco156I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco157I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco158I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco158II      TACGTA                         TACGTA
Eco159I       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Eco161I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco162I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco164I       YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Eco167I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco168I       GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco169I       GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco170I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco171I       GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco173I       GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco178I       GATATC                         GATATC
Eco179I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
Eco180I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco182I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco185I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco188I       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Eco190I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
Eco191I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco193I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco195I       GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Eco196I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco196II      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Eco200I       CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco201I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
Eco203I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco204I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco205I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco206I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco207I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco208I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco208II      CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
Eco211I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco215I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco216I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco217I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco225I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco228I       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Eco231I       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.Eco231I     AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Eco232I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco233I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco237I       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Eco239I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco240I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco241I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco246I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco247I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco249I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco252I       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Eco254I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco255I       AGTACT                         AGTACT
M.Eco255I     AGTACT                         AGTACT
Eco256I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco260I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco261I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Eco262I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Eco263I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco394I       GACNNNNNRTAAY                  RTTAYNNNNNGTC
M.Eco394I     GACNNNNNRTAAY                  GACNNNNNRTAAY
Eco585I       GCCNNNNNNTGCG                  CGCANNNNNNGGC
M.Eco585I     GCCNNNNNNTGCG                  GCCNNNNNNTGCG
Eco777I       GGANNNNNNTATC                  GATANNNNNNTCC
M.Eco777I     GGANNNNNNTATC                  GGANNNNNNTATC
Eco826I       GCANNNNNNCTGA                  TCAGNNNNNNTGC
M.Eco826I     GCANNNNNNCTGA                  GCANNNNNNCTGA
Eco912I       CACNNNNNTGGC                   GCCANNNNNGTG
M.Eco912I     CACNNNNNTGGC                   CACNNNNNTGGC
Eco1342I      AACNNNNNNGTGC                  GCACNNNNNNGTT
Eco1344I      AACNNNNNNGTGC                  GCACNNNNNNGTT
Eco1348I      GGANNNNNNTATC                  GATANNNNNNTCC
Eco1394I      AACNNNNNNGTGC                  GCACNNNNNNGTT
Eco1412I      GGANNNNNNTATC                  GATANNNNNNTCC
Eco1455I      GCANNNNNNCTGA                  TCAGNNNNNNTGC
Eco1524I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Eco1831I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
M.Eco1831I    CCSGG                          CCSGG
EcoA4I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
EcoCKI        ?                              ?
EcoDR2        TCANNNNNNGTCG                  CGACNNNNNNTGA
M.Eco67Dam    GATC                           GATC
EcoHI         CCSGG                          CCSGG
M.EcoHI       CCSGG                          CCSGG
EcoHAI        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
EcoHK31I      YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
M.EcoHK31I    YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
EcoICRI       GAGCTC                         GAGCTC                         IRV.
EcoKI         AACNNNNNNGTGC                  GCACNNNNNNGTT
Eco71KI       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Eco75KI       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
M.EcoKDam     GATC                           GATC                           N.
M.EcoKDcm     CCWGG                          CCWGG
Eco57MI       CTGRAG                         CTYCAG                         F.
EcoNI         CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG                    N.
M.EcoNI       CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
EcoO34I       ?                              ?
EcoO44I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
EcoO65I       GGTNACC                        GGTNACC                        K.
EcoO109I      RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY                        AFJKN.
M.EcoO109I    RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY
EcoO128I      GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
EcoPI         AGACC                          GGTCT
M.EcoPI       AGACC                          AGACC
EcoP15I       CAGCAG                         CTGCTG                         N.
M.EcoP15I     CAGCAG                         CAGCAG
M.EcoP1Dam    GATC                           GATC
EcoRI         GAATTC                         GAATTC                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.EcoRI       GAATTC                         GAATTC                         JKN.
EcoRII        CCWGG                          CCWGG                          FJMOS.
M.EcoRII      CCWGG                          CCWGG
EcoRV         GATATC                         GATATC                         ABCGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.EcoRV       GATATC                         GATATC
EcoR5I        ?                              ?
M.EcoR5I      ?                              ?
EcoR9I        ?                              ?
M.EcoR9I      ?                              ?
EcoR10I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR10I     ?                              ?
EcoR11I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR11I     ?                              ?
EcoR12I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR12I     ?                              ?
EcoR13I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR13I     ?                              ?
EcoR15I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR15I     ?                              ?
EcoR17I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR17I     ?                              ?
EcoR23I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR23I     ?                              ?
EcoR24I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR24I     ?                              ?
EcoR25I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR25I     ?                              ?
EcoR42I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR42I     ?                              ?
EcoR70I       ?                              ?
M.EcoR70I     ?                              ?
EcoR124I      GAANNNNNNRTCG                  CGAYNNNNNNTTC
EcoRD2        GAANNNNNNRTTC                  GAAYNNNNNNTTC
EcoT14I       CCWWGG                         CCWWGG                         K.
EcoT22I       ATGCAT                         ATGCAT                         AKO.
M.EcoT22I     ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
EcoT38I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC                         J.
M.EcoT38I     GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
EcoT88I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
EcoT93I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
EcoT95I       GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
EcoT104I      CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
M.EcoT1Dam    GATC                           GATC
M.EcoT2Dam    GATC                           GATC
M.EcoT4Dam    GATC                           GATC
EcoVIII       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.EcoVIII     AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.EcoVT2Dam   GATC                           GATC
Eco13kI       CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco21kI       CCNGG                          CCNGG
Eco27kI       CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Eco29kI       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.Eco29kI     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Eco53kI       GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
Eco110kI      CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Eco137kI      CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.EfaBMDam    GATC                           GATC
EgeI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         I.
EheI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         FO.
ErhI          CCWWGG                         CCWWGG                         IV.
ErhB9I        CGATCG                         CGATCG
ErhB9II       CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
ErpI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.EsaBC1I     AGCT                           AGCT
M.EsaBC2I     ?                              ?
EsaBC3I       TCGA                           TCGA
M.EsaBC3I     TCGA                           TCGA
EsaBC4I       GGCC                           GGCC
M.EsaBC4I     GGCC                           GGCC
M.EsaBS1I     CATG                           CATG
M.EsaBS2I     ?                              ?
EsaBS9I       CGCG                           CGCG
M.EsaBS9I     CGCG                           CGCG
M.EsaDix1I    TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
M.EsaDix2I    TCGA                           TCGA
M.EsaDix3I    TCGA                           TCGA
M.EsaDix4I    TTAA                           TTAA
M.EsaDix5I    TTAA                           TTAA
M.EsaDix6I    TCGA                           TCGA
M.EsaDix7I    GGCC                           GGCC
EsaLHCI       GATC                           GATC
M.EsaLHCI     GATC                           GATC
M.EsaLHCII    ?                              ?
M.EsaLHCIII   GATC                           GATC
M.EsaLHC2I    ?                              ?
M1.EsaS1I     GGCC                           GGCC
M2.EsaS1I     GGCC                           GGCC
M.EsaS3I      GATC                           GATC
M.EsaS4I      AGCT                           AGCT
M.EsaS5I      ?                              ?
M.EsaS6I      CTAG                           CTAG
M.EsaS7I      CTAG                           CTAG
M.EsaS8I      GATC                           GATC
M.EsaS9I      ?                              ?
M.EsaWC1I     GGCC                           GGCC
M.EsaWC2I     GANTC                          GANTC
M.EsaWC2II    CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
M.EsaWC3I     TCGA                           TCGA
M.EsaWC4I     TCGA                           TCGA
EscI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Ese3I         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Ese4I         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Ese6I         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Ese6II        CCWGG                          CCWGG
EspI          GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
EspII         ?                              ?
Esp1I         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp2I         CCWGG                          CCWGG
Esp3I         CGTCTC                         GAGACG                         F.
M.Esp3I       CGTCTC                         CGTCTC
Esp4I         CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Esp5I         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Esp5II        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Esp6I         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp7I         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
Esp8I         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
Esp9I         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp10I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp11I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp12I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp13I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp14I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp15I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp16I        CGTCTC                         GAGACG
Esp19I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Esp21I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp22I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp23I        CGTCTC                         GAGACG
Esp24I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Esp25I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Esp141I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Esp1396I      CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
M.Esp1396I    CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
EspHK7I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
EspHK16I      YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
EspHK22I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
EspHK24I      YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
EspHK26I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
EspHK29I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
EspHK30I      CCWGG                          CCWGG

FaeI          CATG                           CATG                           I.
FalI          AAGNNNNNCTT                    AAGNNNNNCTT                    I.
FalI          AAGNNNNNCTT                    AAGNNNNNCTT                    I.
FalII         CGCG                           CGCG
FaqI          GGGAC                          GTCCC                          F.
FatI          CATG                           CATG                           IN.
FauI          CCCGC                          GCGGG                          IN.
M1.FauI       CCCGC                          CCCGC
FauBI         ?                              ?
FauBII        CGCG                           CGCG
FauNDI        CATATG                         CATATG                         IV.
FbaI          TGATCA                         TGATCA                         AK.
FblI          GTMKAC                         GTMKAC                         IV.
FbrI          GCNGC                          GCNGC
FdiI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
FdiII         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
FgoI          CTAG                           CTAG
FinI          GGGAC                          GTCCC
FinII         CCGG                           CCGG
FinSI         GGCC                           GGCC
FisI          CTAG                           CTAG
FmuI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
Fnu48I        ?                              ?
FnuAI         GANTC                          GANTC
FnuAII        GATC                           GATC
FnuCI         GATC                           GATC
FnuDI         GGCC                           GGCC
M.FnuDI       GGCC                           GGCC
FnuDII        CGCG                           CGCG
M.FnuDII      CGCG                           CGCG
FnuDIII       GCGC                           GCGC
M.FnuDIII     GCGC                           GCGC
FnuEI         GATC                           GATC
Fnu4HI        GCNGC                          GCNGC                          N.
M.Fnu4HI      GCNGC                          GCNGC
FokI          GGATG                          CATCC                          AGIJKMNRV.
M.FokI        GGATG                          GGATG
FriOI         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC                         IV.
FscI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
FseI          GGCCGGCC                       GGCCGGCC                       AKN.
M.FseI        GGCCGGCC                       GGCCGGCC
FsfI          CTGAAG                         CTTCAG
FsiI          RAATTY                         RAATTY
FspI          TGCGCA                         TGCGCA                         JNO.
M.FspI        TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
FspII         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Fsp1604I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
FspAI         RTGCGCAY                       RTGCGCAY                       F.
FspBI         CTAG                           CTAG                           F.
Fsp4HI        GCNGC                          GCNGC                          I.
M.Fsp4HI      GCNGC                          GCNGC                          I.
FspMI         CGCG                           CGCG
FspMSI        GGWCC                          GGWCC
FssI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.FssI        GGWCC                          GGWCC
FsuI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
FunI          AGCGCT                         AGCGCT
FunII         GAATTC                         GAATTC
M.Fvi3I       ?                              ?

GalI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
GceI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
GceGLI        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
GdiI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
GdiII         CGGCCR                         YGGCCG
GdoI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.GgaDnmt1    ?                              ?
GglI          ?                              ?
GinI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
GobAI         AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
GoxI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
GseI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
GseII         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
GseIII        GGATCC                         GGATCC
GspI          CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
GspAI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
GspAII        TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
GspAIII       ?                              ?
GstI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
Gst1588I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Gst1588II     GATC                           GATC
GsuI          CTGGAG                         CTCCAG                         F.
M.GsuI        CTGGAG                         CTGGAG

M.H2I         GGCC                           GGCC
HacI          GATC                           GATC
HaeI          WGGCCW                         WGGCCW
HaeII         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY                         GJKMNORS.
M.HaeII       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
HaeIII        GGCC                           GGCC                           ABGHIJKMNOQRSUXY.
M.HaeIII      GGCC                           GGCC                           KN.
HaeIV         GAYNNNNNRTC                    GAYNNNNNRTC
HaeIV         GAYNNNNNRTC                    GAYNNNNNRTC
HagI          ?                              ?
HalI          GAATTC                         GAATTC
HalII         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Hal22I        GAATTC                         GAATTC
HapI          ?                              ?
HapII         CCGG                           CCGG                           AK.
M.HapII       CCGG                           CCGG                           K.
HcuI          ?                              ?
HgaI          GACGC                          GCGTC                          IN.
M1.HgaI       GACGC                          GACGC
M2.HgaI       GACGC                          GACGC
HgiI          GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
HgiAI         GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
M.HgiAI       GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
HgiBI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.HgiBI       GGWCC                          GGWCC
HgiCI         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
M.HgiCI       GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
HgiCII        GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.HgiCII      GGWCC                          GGWCC
HgiCIII       GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
HgiDI         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
M.HgiDI       GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
HgiDII        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
M.HgiDII      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
HgiEI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.HgiEI       GGWCC                          GGWCC
HgiEII        ACCNNNNNNGGT                   ACCNNNNNNGGT
HgiFI         ?                              ?
HgiGI         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
M.HgiGI       GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
HgiHI         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
HgiHII        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
HgiHIII       GGWCC                          GGWCC
HgiJI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
HgiJII        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
HgiKI         ?                              ?
HgiS21I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
HgiS22I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
HhaI          GCGC                           GCGC                           ABFGJKNORUY.
M.HhaI        GCGC                           GCGC                           N.
HhaII         GANTC                          GANTC
M.HhaII       GANTC                          GANTC
HhdI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
HhgI          GGCC                           GGCC
HhlI          ?                              ?
Hin1I         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC                         FKO.
Hin1II        CATG                           CATG                           F.
M.Hin1II      CATG                           CATG
Hin2I         CCGG                           CCGG
Hin3I         CCSGG                          CCSGG
Hin4I         GAYNNNNNVTC                    GABNNNNNRTC                    F.
Hin4I         GABNNNNNRTC                    GAYNNNNNVTC                    F.
Hin4II        CCTTC                          GAAGG
Hin5I         CCGG                           CCGG
Hin5II        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Hin5III       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Hin6I         GCGC                           GCGC                           F.
Hin7I         GCGC                           GCGC
Hin8I         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
Hin8II        CATG                           CATG
Hin173I       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Hin1056I      CGCG                           CGCG
Hin1056II     ?                              ?
Hin1076III    AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Hin1160II     GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
Hin1161II     GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
HinGUI        GCGC                           GCGC
HinGUII       GGATG                          CATCC
HinHI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.HinHP1Dam   GATC                           GATC
M.HinHP2Dam   GATC                           GATC
HinJCI        GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
HinJCII       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
HinP1I        GCGC                           GCGC                           N.
M.HinP1I      GCGC                           GCGC
HinS1I        GCGC                           GCGC
HinS2I        GCGC                           GCGC
HinSAFI       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
HinbIII       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
HincII        GTYRAC                         GTYRAC                         ABFGHJKNOQRUXY.
M.HincII      GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
HindI         CAC                            GTG
M.HindI       CAC                            CAC
HindII        GTYRAC                         GTYRAC                         IMSV.
M.HindII      GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
HindIII       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.HindIII     AAGCTT                         AAGCTT                         K.
M.HindV       GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
M.HindDam     GATC                           GATC
HineI         CGAAT                          ATTCG
HinfI         GANTC                          GANTC                          ABCFGHIJKMNOQRUVXY.
M.HinfI       GANTC                          GANTC
HinfII        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
HinfIII       CGAAT                          ATTCG
M.HinfIII     CGAAT                          CGAAT
HjaI          GATATC                         GATATC
M.HjaI        GATATC                         GATATC
HpaI          GTTAAC                         GTTAAC                         ABCGHIJKMNOQRSUVX.
M.HpaI        GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
HpaII         CCGG                           CCGG                           BFGIMNOQRSUVX.
M.HpaII       CCGG                           CCGG                           N.
HphI          GGTGA                          TCACC                          FN.
M1.HphI       GGTGA                          GGTGA
M2.HphI       GGTGA                          GGTGA
M.HpyI        CATG                           CATG
HpyII         GAAGA                          TCTTC
M.HpyIII      ?                              ?
HpyIV         GANTC                          GANTC
HpyV          TCGA                           TCGA
HpyVIII       CCGG                           CCGG
Hpy8I         GTNNAC                         GTNNAC                         F.
M.Hpy8I       GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
Hpy8II        GTSAC                          GTSAC
Hpy8III       GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
Hpy26I        TGCA                           TGCA
Hpy26II       TCGA                           TCGA
M.Hpy26III    ?                              ?
Hpy51I        GTSAC                          GTSAC
Hpy99I        CGWCG                          CGWCG                          N.
M.Hpy99I      CGWCG                          CGWCG
Hpy99II       GTSAC                          GTSAC
M.Hpy99II     GTSAC                          GTSAC
Hpy99III      GCGC                           GCGC
M.Hpy99III    GCGC                           GCGC
Hpy99IV       CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
M.Hpy99IV     CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
M1.Hpy99V     CCTC                           CCTC
M.Hpy99VI     GATC                           GATC
M.Hpy99VII    ?                              ?
M.Hpy99VIII   CCGG                           CCGG
M.Hpy99IX     GANTC                          GANTC
M.Hpy99X      CATG                           CATG
M.Hpy99XI     ACGT                           ACGT
Hpy166I       TCNGA                          TCNGA
Hpy166II      GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
Hpy166III     CCTC                           GAGG
M.Hpy166IV    CATG                           CATG
Hpy178II      GAAGA                          TCTTC
Hpy178III     TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
Hpy178VI      GGATG                          CATCC
Hpy178VII     GGCC                           GGCC
Hpy188I       TCNGA                          TCNGA                          N.
M.Hpy188I     TCNGA                          TCNGA
M.Hpy188II    CATG                           CATG
Hpy188III     TCNNGA                         TCNNGA                         N.
M.Hpy188III   TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
M.Hpy788180   ?                              ?
M.HpyAI       CATG                           CATG
HpyAII        GAAGA                          TCTTC
M1.HpyAII     GAAGA                          GAAGA
M2.HpyAII     GAAGA                          GAAGA
HpyAIII       GATC                           GATC
M.HpyAIII     GATC                           GATC
HpyAIV        GANTC                          GANTC
M.HpyAIV      GANTC                          GANTC
HpyAV         CCTTC                          GAAGG
M.HpyAV       CCTTC                          CCTTC
M1.HpyAVI     CCTC                           CCTC
M2.HpyAVI     CCTC                           CCTC
M.HpyAVII     ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
M.HpyAVIII    GCGC                           GCGC
M.HpyAIX      GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
M.HpyAX       TCGA                           TCGA
M.HpyAXI      ?                              ?
Hpy87AI       GANTC                          GANTC
M.Hpy87AI     GANTC                          GANTC
HpyBI         GTAC                           GTAC
HpyBII        GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
HpyCI         GATATC                         GATATC
HpyCII        ?                              ?
HpyC1I        CCATC                          GATGG
M1.HpyC1I     CCATC                          CCATC
M2.HpyC1I     CCATC                          CCATC
HpyCH4I       CATG                           CATG
HpyCH4II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyCH4III     ACNGT                          ACNGT                          N.
HpyCH4IV      ACGT                           ACGT                           N.
M.HpyCH4IV    ACGT                           ACGT
HpyCH4V       TGCA                           TGCA                           N.
M.HpyCH4V     TGCA                           TGCA
HpyCH4VI      TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
HpyF1I        GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF2I        CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
HpyF2II       GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF3I        CTNAG                          CTNAG                          F.
HpyF4I        GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF4II       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF5I        CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF5II       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF6I        GGATG                          CATCC
HpyF6II       GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF6III      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF7I        CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF7II       GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
HpyF7III      GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
HpyF9I        GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF9II       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF9III      ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF10I       GCGC                           GCGC
HpyF10II      GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF10III     CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
HpyF10IV      GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF10V       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF10VI      GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC                    F.
HpyF11I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF11II      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF12I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF12II      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF13I       GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF13II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF13III     ACGT                           ACGT
HpyF13IV      GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF14I       CGCG                           CGCG
HpyF14II      GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
HpyF14III     TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF15I       CGCG                           CGCG
HpyF15II      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF16I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF16II      TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
HpyF17I       TCNGA                          TCNGA
M.HpyF17I     TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF18I       GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF19I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF19II      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF19III     TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
HpyF20I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF21I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF21II      GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF22I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF22II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF22III     TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
HpyF23I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF24I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF24II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF25I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF25II      GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF26I       CGCG                           CGCG
HpyF26II      GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF26III     TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF27I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF27II      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF28I       TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF29I       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF30I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF30II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF31I       GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF31II      GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF32I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF33I       TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF33II      GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF34I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF34II      GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF35I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF35II      ACGT                           ACGT
HpyF35III     ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF35IV      GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF36I       GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF36II      GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF36III     TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF36IV      GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
HpyF37I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF38I       GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF38II      TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF40I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF40II      TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF40III     GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF41I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF41II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF42I       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF42II      ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF42III     TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF42IV      TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF43I       CCGG                           CCGG
HpyF44I       GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF44II      GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
HpyF44III     TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF44IV      TCNNGA                         TCNNGA
HpyF44V       GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF45I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF45II      TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF46I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF46II      GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
HpyF46III     GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
HpyF46IV      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF46V       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF47I       GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
HpyF48I       GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF48II      ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF48III     TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF49I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF49II      GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF49III     GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
HpyF49IV      GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF49V       TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF50I       GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
HpyF50II      TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF51I       GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF51II      ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF52I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF52II      CGCG                           CGCG
HpyF52III     GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF53I       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF53II      GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF54I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF55I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF55II      GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF56I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF57I       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF58I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF59I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF59II      GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF59III     TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF60I       GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF60II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF61I       TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF61II      CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
HpyF61III     CGWCG                          CGWCG
HpyF62I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF62II      TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF62III     GTSAC                          GTSAC
HpyF63I       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF64I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF64II      ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF64III     TCNGA                          TCNGA
HpyF64IV      CGCG                           CGCG
HpyF64V       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF65I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF65II      TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF65III     GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF66I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
HpyF66II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF66III     GTAC                           GTAC
HpyF66IV      TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF67I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF67II      TGCA                           TGCA
HpyF67III     GGATG                          CATCC
HpyF67IV      CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
HpyF68I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF68II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF69I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF69II      GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF70I       CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF71I       TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF71II      GGNCC                          GGNCC
HpyF71III     GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF72I       GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF72II      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyF72III     GANTC                          GANTC
HpyF73I       GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
HpyF73II      TCGA                           TCGA
HpyF73III     GGCC                           GGCC
HpyF73IV      GGNCC                          GGNCC
HpyF74I       ACNGT                          ACNGT
HpyF74II      ACGT                           ACGT
HpyHPK5I      CTNAG                          CTNAG
HpyHPK5II     GATC                           GATC
HpyJP26I      TGCA                           TGCA
HpyJP26II     TCGA                           TCGA
HpyNI         CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.HsaDnmt1A   ?                              ?                              N.
M.HsaDnmt1B   ?                              ?
M.HsaDnmt3A   ?                              ?
M.HsaDnmt3B   ?                              ?
M.HsaDnmt3L   ?                              ?
HsoI          GCGC                           GCGC
Hsp2I         GGWCC                          GGWCC
Hsp92I        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC                         R.
Hsp92II       CATG                           CATG                           R.
HspAI         GCGC                           GCGC                           IV.
M.HspAI       GCGC                           GCGC
HsuI          AAGCTT                         AAGCTT

ItaI          GCNGC                          GCNGC                          M.

KasI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         N.
M.KasI        GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
Kaz48kI       RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY
KoxI          GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
KoxII         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Kox165I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
KoyI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Kpl79I        CGATCG                         CGATCG
KpnI          GGTACC                         GGTACC                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.KpnI        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Kpn2I         TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         F.
M.Kpn2I       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Kpn10I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Kpn12I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Kpn13I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Kpn14I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Kpn16I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Kpn19I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Kpn30I        GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
Kpn378I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
KpnAI         GAANNNNNNTGCC                  GGCANNNNNNTTC
KpnK14I       GGTACC                         GGTACC
Kpn2kI        CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.Kpn2kI      CCNGG                          CCNGG
Kpn49kI       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Kpn49kII      CCSGG                          CCSGG
KspI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG                         MS.
Ksp22I        TGATCA                         TGATCA                         IV.
Ksp632I       CTCTTC                         GAAGAG                         M.
KspAI         GTTAAC                         GTTAAC                         F.
KspHK12I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
KspHK14I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
KspHK15I      YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
KteAI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Kzo9I         GATC                           GATC                           I.
Kzo49I        GGWCC                          GGWCC

LcaI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
LfeI          GCAGC                          GCTGC
LguI          GCTCTTC                        GAAGAGC                        F.
LlaI          ?                              ?
M.LlaI        ?                              ?
Lla82I        ?                              ?
M.Lla82I      ?                              ?
Lla497I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Lla1403I      ?                              ?
M.Lla1403I    ?                              ?
Lla2614I      ?                              ?
M.Lla2614I    ?                              ?
M.Lla5598I    ?                              ?
LlaAI         GATC                           GATC
M1.LlaAI      GATC                           GATC
M2.LlaAI      GATC                           GATC
LlaBI         CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
M.LlaBI       CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
LlaBIII       ?                              ?
LlaCI         AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
M.LlaCI       AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
LlaDI         AGTACT                         AGTACT
M.LlaDI       AGTACT                         AGTACT
LlaDII        GCNGC                          GCNGC
M.LlaDII      GCNGC                          GCNGC
LlaDCHI       GATC                           GATC
M1.LlaDCHI    GATC                           GATC
M2.LlaDCHI    GATC                           GATC
LlaEI         ?                              ?
LlaFI         ?                              ?
M.LlaFI       ?                              ?
LlaGI         ?                              ?
LlaG2I        GCTAGC                         GCTAGC
M1.LlaJI      GACGC                          GACGC
M2.LlaJI      GACGC                          GACGC
R1.LlaJI      ?                              ?
R2.LlaJI      ?                              ?
LlaKR2I       GATC                           GATC
M.LlaKR2I     GATC                           GATC
LlaMI         CCNGG                          CCNGG
M1.LlaMI      CCNGG                          CCNGG
M2.LlaMI      CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.LlaPI       ?                              ?
LldI          ?                              ?
M.LldI        ?                              ?
M.LmoA118I    ?                              ?
M.LmoF4565I   GATC                           GATC
Lmu60I        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
LplI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
LpnI          RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
LpnII         ?                              ?
LspI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Lsp1109I      GCAGC                          GCTGC
M.Lsp1109I    GCAGC                          GCAGC
Lsp1109II     GATC                           GATC
Lsp1270I      RCATGY                         RCATGY
LweI          GCATC                          GATGC                          F.

MabI          ACCWGGT                        ACCWGGT                        I.
MaeI          CTAG                           CTAG                           M.
MaeII         ACGT                           ACGT                           M.
MaeIII        GTNAC                          GTNAC                          M.
MaeK81I       CGTACG                         CGTACG
MaeK81II      GGNCC                          GGNCC
MalI          GATC                           GATC                           I.
MamI          GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC                     M.
M.MamI        GATNNNNATC                     GATNNNNATC
MarI          AGCT                           AGCT
MauI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
MauAI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
MavI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MbiI          CCGCTC                         GAGCGG                         F.
MboI          GATC                           GATC                           ABCFGKNQRUXY.
M1.MboI       GATC                           GATC
M2.MboI       GATC                           GATC
MboII         GAAGA                          TCTTC                          AFGIJKNOQRVX.
M1.MboII      GAAGA                          GAAGA
M2.MboII      GAAGA                          GAAGA
M.MbuI        ?                              ?
M.MbuII       ?                              ?
M.MbuIII      ?                              ?
M.MbuIV       ?                              ?
MbvI          ?                              ?
McaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
McaAI         GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
McaBI         ?                              ?
McaTI         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
M.McaTI       GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
MchI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
MchAI         GCGGCCGC                       GCGGCCGC
MchAII        GGCC                           GGCC
McrI          CGRYCG                         CGRYCG
MecI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Mel3JI        GATC                           GATC
Mel5JI        GATC                           GATC
Mel7JI        GATC                           GATC
Mel4OI        GATC                           GATC
Mel5OI        GATC                           GATC
Mel2TI        GATC                           GATC
Mel5TI        GATC                           GATC
MeuI          GATC                           GATC
MfeI          CAATTG                         CAATTG                         N.
M.MfeI        CAATTG                         CAATTG
MflI          RGATCY                         RGATCY                         K.
MfoI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
MfoAI         GGCC                           GGCC
MglI          ?                              ?
MglII         ?                              ?
Mgl14481I     CCSGG                          CCSGG
MgoI          GATC                           GATC
MhaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MhaAI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
MhlI          GDGCHC                         GDGCHC                         IV.
MhoI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
Mho2111I      AGCT                           AGCT
Mho2965I      GCGC                           GCGC
MisI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
MizI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
MjaI          CTAG                           CTAG
M.MjaI        CTAG                           CTAG
MjaII         GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.MjaII       GGNCC                          GGNCC
MjaIII        GATC                           GATC
M.MjaIII      GATC                           GATC
MjaIV         GTNNAC                         GTNNAC
MjaV          GTAC                           GTAC
M.MjaV        GTAC                           GTAC
M.MjaVI       CCGG                           CCGG
MkiI          AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
MkrI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
MkrAI         GATC                           GATC
MlaI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
MlaAI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MleI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
MliI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
MlsI          TGGCCA                         TGGCCA                         F.
MltI          AGCT                           AGCT
MluI          ACGCGT                         ACGCGT                         ABFGHIJKMNOQRSUVX.
M.MluI        ACGCGT                         ACGCGT
Mlu23I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Mlu31I        TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
Mlu40I        GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
Mlu1106I      RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY
Mlu2300I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Mlu9273I      TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
Mlu9273II     GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
MluB2I        TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
MluCI         AATT                           AATT
MluNI         TGGCCA                         TGGCCA                         MS.
MlyI          GAGTC                          GACTC                          N.
M.MlyI        GASTC                          GASTC
Mly113I       GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         I.
MmaI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
MmeI          TCCRAC                         GTYGGA                         NX.
M.MmeI        TCCRAC                         TCCRAC
MmeII         GATC                           GATC
M.MmeII       GATC                           GATC
Mmu5I         GATC                           GATC
M.Mmu5I       GATC                           GATC
M.Mmu5II      GATC                           GATC
M.MmuDnmt1    ?                              ?
M.MmuDnmt3A   ?                              ?
M.MmuDnmt3B   ?                              ?
MmuP2I        GATC                           GATC
MniI          GGCC                           GGCC
MniII         CCGG                           CCGG
MnlI          CCTC                           GAGG                           FGINQVX.
M1.MnlI       CCTC                           CCTC
M2.MnlI       CCTC                           CCTC
MnnI          GTYRAC                         GTYRAC
MnnII         GGCC                           GGCC
MnnIII        ?                              ?
MnnIV         GCGC                           GCGC
MnoI          CCGG                           CCGG
MnoII         ?                              ?
MnoIII        GATC                           GATC
MosI          GATC                           GATC
MphI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
Mph1103I      ATGCAT                         ATGCAT                         F.
Mph1103II     GATC                           GATC
Mpr154I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
MpsI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
MpuI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MpuUI         ?                              ?
M.MpuUI       ?                              ?
MraI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
MreI          CGCCGGCG                       CGCCGGCG
MrhI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MroI          TCCGGA                         TCCGGA                         MO.
MroNI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC                         IV.
MroXI         GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC                     IV.
MsaI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
MscI          TGGCCA                         TGGCCA                         BNO.
M.MscI        TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
MscAI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MseI          TTAA                           TTAA                           BN.
M.MseI        TTAA                           TTAA
MsiI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
MsiII         ?                              ?
MslI          CAYNNNNRTG                     CAYNNNNRTG                     N.
M.MslI        CAYNNNNRTG                     CAYNNNNRTG
MspI          CCGG                           CCGG                           AFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.MspI        CCGG                           CCGG                           N.
Msp11I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Msp16I        TGGCCA                         TGGCCA
Msp17I        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
Msp20I        TGGCCA                         TGGCCA                         IV.
Msp23I        TCTAGA                         TCTAGA
Msp23II       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Msp24I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Msp67I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Msp67II       GATC                           GATC
Msp130I       ?                              ?
Msp199I       CCGG                           CCGG
MspAI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
MspA1I        CMGCKG                         CMGCKG                         INRV.
M.MspA1I      CMGCKG                         CMGCKG
MspBI         GATC                           GATC
MspB4I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
MspB6I        ?                              ?
MspCI         CTTAAG                         CTTAAG                         C.
MspR9I        CCNGG                          CCNGG                          I.
M.MspSD10I    GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
MspSWI        ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT
MspV281I      GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
MspYI         YACGTR                         YACGTR
MssI          GTTTAAAC                       GTTTAAAC                       F.
MstI          TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
MstII         CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
MthI          GATC                           GATC
Mth1047I      GATC                           GATC
MthAI         GATC                           GATC
MthBI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
MthFI         CTAG                           CTAG
M.MthFI       CTAG                           CTAG
MthTI         GGCC                           GGCC
M.MthTI       GGCC                           GGCC
MthZI         CTAG                           CTAG
M.MthZI       CTAG                           CTAG
MunI          CAATTG                         CAATTG                         FKM.
M.MunI        CAATTG                         CAATTG
MvaI          CCWGG                          CCWGG                          AFGKMOS.
M.MvaI        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Mva16I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Mva1269I      GAATGC                         GCATTC                         F.
M.Mva1269I    GAATGC                         GAATGC
MvaAI         CGCG                           CGCG
MviI          ?                              ?
MviII         ?                              ?
Mvi80424      ?                              ?
MvnI          CGCG                           CGCG                           M.
MvrI          CGATCG                         CGATCG                         U.
MvsI          GGTACC                         GGTACC
MvsAI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
MvsBI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
MvsCI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
MvsDI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
MvsEI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
MwhI          GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
MwoI          GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC                    N.
M.MwoI        GCNNNNNNNGC                    GCNNNNNNNGC
MxaI          GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
MziI          CAGCTG                         CAGCTG

I-NaaI        ?                              ?
NaeI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC                         ACKMNORU.
M.NaeI        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NamI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
NanI          GATATC                         GATATC
NanII         GATC                           GATC
NarI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         GJMNOQRUX.
NasI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
NasBI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
NasSI         GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
NasWI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NbaI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NblI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
NbrI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NcaI          GANTC                          GANTC
NciI          CCSGG                          CCSGG                          GJNORS.
NciAI         GATC                           GATC
NcoI          CCATGG                         CCATGG                         ABCFGHJKMNOQRSUXY.
M.NcoI        CCATGG                         CCATGG
NcrI          AGATCT                         AGATCT
M.NcrNI       ?                              ?
M.NcrNII      ?                              ?
NcuI          GAAGA                          TCTTC
M1.NcuI       GAAGA                          GAAGA
NcuII         CCCG                           CGGG
NdaI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
NdeI          CATATG                         CATATG                         ABFGJKMNRSXY.
M.NdeI        CATATG                         CATATG
NdeII         GATC                           GATC                           GJMRS.
M.NdeII       GATC                           GATC
NflI          GATC                           GATC
NflII         ?                              ?
NflIII        ?                              ?
NflAI         GATATC                         GATATC
NflAII        GATC                           GATC
NflBI         GATC                           GATC
NgbI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
NgoAI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoAI       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
NgoAII        GGCC                           GGCC
M.NgoAII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoAIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.NgoAIII     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NgoAIV        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
M.NgoAIV      GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NgoAV-1       ?                              ?
M.NgoAV-1     ?                              ?
NgoBI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoBI       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoBII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoBV         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
M.NgoBV       GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
NgoBVIII      GGTGA                          TCACC
M1.NgoBVIII   GGTGA                          GGTGA
M2.NgoBVIII   GGTGA                          GGTGA
M.NgoBIX      GTANNNNNCTC                    GTANNNNNCTC
M.NgoBXII     GCNGC                          GCNGC
NgoCI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
NgoCII        GGCC                           GGCC
NgoDI         ?                              ?
M.NgoDI       ?                              ?
NgoDIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.NgoDIII     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NgoDVIII      GGTGA                          TCACC
NgoDXIV       GATC                           GATC
M.NgoEI       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
NgoEII        GCGC                           GCGC
NgoFVII       GCSGC                          GCSGC
M.NgoFVII     GCSGC                          GCSGC
NgoGI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoGI       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoGII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoGIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.NgoGIII     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NgoGV         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
M.NgoGV       GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
M.NgoHVIII    GGTGA                          GGTGA
NgoJI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
NgoJIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NgoJVIII      GGTGA                          TCACC
NgoKIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.NgoLII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoMI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoMI       RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.NgoMII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoMIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.NgoMIII     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NgoMIV        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC                         NR.
M.NgoMIV      GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
M.NgoMV       GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
NgoMVIII      GGTGA                          TCACC
M.NgoMVIII    GGTGA                          GGTGA
NgoMX         ?                              ?
M.NgoMX       ?                              ?
M.NgoMXV      GCCHR                          GCCHR
NgoNII        GGCC                           GGCC
M.NgoNII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoPII        GGCC                           GGCC
M.NgoPII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoPIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.NgoPIII     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NgoSII        GGCC                           GGCC
M.NgoSII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoTII        GGCC                           GGCC
M.NgoTII      GGCC                           GGCC
NgoWI         RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
NheI          GCTAGC                         GCTAGC                         ABFGJKMNORSU.
M.NheI        GCTAGC                         GCTAGC
NlaI          GGCC                           GGCC
M.NlaI        GGCC                           GGCC
NlaII         GATC                           GATC
NlaIII        CATG                           CATG                           GN.
M.NlaIII      CATG                           CATG
NlaIV         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC                         GN.
M.NlaIV       GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
NlaX          CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.NlaX        CCNGG                          CCNGG
NlaDI         GATC                           GATC
NlaDII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
NlaDIII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NlaSI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
NlaSII        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
NliI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
NliII         GGWCC                          GGWCC
Nli3877I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Nli3877II     GGWCC                          GGWCC
M.NmaPhiCh1I  GATC                           GATC
NmeI          ?                              ?
NmeII         ?                              ?
NmeIII        ?                              ?
NmeIV         ?                              ?
M.NmeAI       CCGG                           CCGG
NmeAII        GATC                           GATC
NmeBI         GACGC                          GCGTC
M1.NmeBI      GACGC                          GACGC
M2.NmeBI      GACGC                          GACGC
NmeBL859I     GATC                           GATC
NmeCI         GATC                           GATC
M.NmeDI       RCCGGB                         RCCGGB
NmeRI         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
NmeSI         AGTACT                         AGTACT
M.NmeSI       AGTACT                         AGTACT
NmiI          GGTACC                         GGTACC
NmuI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NmuAI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
NmuAII        GGWCC                          GGWCC
NmuCI         GTSAC                          GTSAC                          F.
NmuDI         GATC                           GATC
NmuEI         GATC                           GATC
NmuEII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
NmuFI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NmuSI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
NocI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
NopI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
NopII         ?                              ?
NotI          GCGGCCGC                       GCGGCCGC                       ABCFGHJKMNOQRSUXY.
M.NotI        GCGGCCGC                       GCGGCCGC
NovI          ?                              ?
NovII         GANTC                          GANTC
NpeBY1I       ?                              ?
NpeHEMI       ?                              ?
NpeHKVVI      ?                              ?
NphI          GATC                           GATC
NruI          TCGCGA                         TCGCGA                         ABCGIJKMNOQRSUX.
M.NruI        TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
NruGI         GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC
NsbI          TGCGCA                         TGCGCA                         FK.
NsiI          ATGCAT                         ATGCAT                         BGHJMNRSU.
M.NsiI        ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
NsiAI         GATC                           GATC
NsiCI         GATATC                         GATATC
NsiHI         GANTC                          GANTC
NspI          RCATGY                         RCATGY                         MN.
M.NspI        RCATGY                         RCATGY
NspII         GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
NspIII        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
M.NspIII      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
NspIV         GGNCC                          GGNCC
NspV          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         JO.
M.NspV        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Nsp152I       ?                              ?
Nsp7121I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Nsp29132I     TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Nsp29132II    GGATCC                         GGATCC
NspAI         GATC                           GATC
NspBI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
NspBII        CMGCKG                         CMGCKG
NspDI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
NspDII        GGWCC                          GGWCC
NspEI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
NspEII        ?                              ?
NspFI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
NspGI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
NspHI         RCATGY                         RCATGY
M.NspHI       RCATGY                         RCATGY
NspHII        GGWCC                          GGWCC
NspHIII       TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
NspJI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
NspKI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
NspLI         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
NspLII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
NspLIII       ?                              ?
NspLIV        ?                              ?
NspLKI        GGCC                           GGCC
NspMI         TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
NspMACI       AGATCT                         AGATCT
NspSAI        CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
NspSAII       GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
NspSAIII      CCATGG                         CCATGG
NspSAIV       GGATCC                         GGATCC
NspWI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
NsuI          GATC                           GATC
NsuDI         GATC                           GATC
NtaI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
NtaSI         AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
NtaSII        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
M.NtbDRM1     ?                              ?
NunI          ?                              ?
NunII         GGCGCC                         GGCGCC

OchI          GGCC                           GGCC
OcoI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
OfoI          CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
OkrAI         GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.OkrAI       GGATCC                         GGATCC
OliI          CACNNNNGTG                     CACNNNNGTG                     F.
OmiAI         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
OmiBI         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
OmiBII        GTMKAC                         GTMKAC
M.OsaDnmt1-1  ?                              ?
M.OsaDnmt1-2  ?                              ?
OspI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
OtuI          AGCT                           AGCT
OtuNI         AGCT                           AGCT
OxaI          AGCT                           AGCT
OxaII         ?                              ?
OxaNI         CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG

PabI          GTAC                           GTAC
M.PabI        GTAC                           GTAC
PacI          TTAATTAA                       TTAATTAA                       GNO.
Pac25I        CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
M.Pac25I      CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Pac1110I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Pac1110II     GATATC                         GATATC
PaeI          GCATGC                         GCATGC                         F.
M.PaeI        GCATGC                         GCATGC
Pae7I         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae8I         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae9I         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae14I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae15I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae17I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae22I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae24I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae25I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae26I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae36I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae39I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae40I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae41I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pae42I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae43I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae44I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae177I       GGATCC                         GGATCC
Pae181I       CCSGG                          CCSGG
PaeAI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
PaeBI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
PaeCI         GCATGC                         GCATGC
PaeHI         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
PaePI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
PaeQI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
PaeR7I        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG                         N.
M.PaeR7I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Pae2kI        AGATCT                         AGATCT
Pae5kI        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae14kI       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Pae17kI       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Pae18kI       AGATCT                         AGATCT
PagI          TCATGA                         TCATGA                         F.
PaiI          GGCC                           GGCC
PalI          GGCC                           GGCC
PalAI         GGCGCGCC                       GGCGCGCC                       I.
PamI          TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
PamII         GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
PanI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
ParI          TGATCA                         TGATCA
PasI          CCCWGGG                        CCCWGGG                        F.
PatAI         GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
PauI          GCGCGC                         GCGCGC                         F.
PauAI         RCATGY                         RCATGY
PauAII        TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
PbrTI         GATC                           GATC
PbuJKI        GGATG                          CATCC
PbuMZI        ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Pca17AI       CCWGG                          CCWGG
PceI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT                         IV.
PciI          ACATGT                         ACATGT                         IN.
PciSI         GCTCTTC                        GAAGAGC                        I.
PctI          GAATGC                         GCATTC                         IV.
I-PcuAI       ?                              ?
I-PcuVI       ?                              ?
Pde12I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Pde133I       GGCC                           GGCC
Pde137I       CCGG                           CCGG
PdiI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC                         F.
PdmI          GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC                     F.
Pei9403I      GATC                           GATC
PfaI          GATC                           GATC
PfaAI         GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
PfaAII        CATATG                         CATATG
PfaAIII       GCATGC                         GCATGC
PfeI          GAWTC                          GAWTC                          F.
PflI          ?                              ?
Pfl8I         GGATCC                         GGATCC
Pfl16I        GATATC                         GATATC
Pfl18I        GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
Pfl19I        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Pfl21I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pfl23I        GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
Pfl23II       CGTACG                         CGTACG                         F.
Pfl27I        RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY
Pfl37I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pfl67I        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Pfl1108I      TCGTAG                         CTACGA
Pfl1108II     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
PflAI         CGCG                           CGCG
PflBI         CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
PflFI         GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC                      N.
PflKI         GGCC                           GGCC
PflMI         CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG                    N.
M.PflMI       CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG
PflNI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
PflWI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
PfoI          TCCNGGA                        TCCNGGA                        F.
Pfr12I        GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
PfuNI         CGTACG                         CGTACG
PgaI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.PgiI        GATC                           GATC
PglI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
PglII         ?                              ?
Pgl34I        CACGTG                         CACGTG
PhaI          GCATC                          GATGC
M.PhaI        GCATC                          GCATC
PhaAI         ?                              ?
M.PhaAI       ?                              ?
PhaBI         ?                              ?
M.PhaBI       ?                              ?
M.PhaTDam     GATC                           GATC
M.PhiBssHII   ACGCGT                         ACGCGT
M.PhiBssHII   CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.PhiBssHII   RGCGCY                         RGCGCY
M.PhiBssHII   RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
M.PhiBssHII   GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
M.PhiHII      ?                              ?
M.PhiMx8I     CTSSAG                         CTSSAG
M.Phi3TI      GGCC                           GGCC
M.Phi3TI      GCNGC                          GCNGC
M.Phi3TII     TCGA                           TCGA
PhoI          GGCC                           GGCC                           N.
M.PhoI        GGCC                           GGCC
M.PhoII       GATC                           GATC
PinI          AGTACT                         AGTACT
PinAI         ACCGGT                         ACCGGT                         BM.
PinBI         ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
PinBII        TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
PlaI          GGCC                           GGCC
PlaII         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
PlaAI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
PlaAII        GTAC                           GTAC
PleI          GAGTC                          GACTC                          N.
M.PleI        GAGTC                          GAGTC
Ple19I        CGATCG                         CGATCG                         I.
Ple214I       GGCC                           GGCC
PliI          GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
M.PliMCDnmt1  ?                              ?
PluI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
PmaI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pma44I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
PmaCI         CACGTG                         CACGTG                         AK.
PmeI          GTTTAAAC                       GTTTAAAC                       GN.
Pme35I        CCGG                           CCGG
Pme55I        AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
PmiI          ?                              ?
PmlI          CACGTG                         CACGTG                         N.
PmnI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
M.PmuADam     GATC                           GATC
M.PmuDam      GATC                           GATC
PmyI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
PntI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
PolI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
PovI          TGATCA                         TGATCA
PpaI          GGTCTC                         GAGACC
PpaAI         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
PpaAII        TCGA                           TCGA
PpeI          GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Pph14I        GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Pph288I       GATC                           GATC
Pph1579I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Pph1591I      ?                              ?
Pph1773I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Pph2059I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pph2066I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Pph3215I      GWGCWC                         GWGCWC
PpiI          GAACNNNNNCTC                   GAGNNNNNGTTC                   F.
PpiI          GAGNNNNNGTTC                   GAACNNNNNCTC                   F.
PpsI          GAGTC                          GACTC                          I.
PpuI          GGCC                           GGCC
Ppu6I         YACGTR                         YACGTR
Ppu10I        ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
Ppu11I        YACGTR                         YACGTR
Ppu13I        AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Ppu20I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Ppu21I        YACGTR                         YACGTR                         F.
M.Ppu21I      YACGTR                         YACGTR
Ppu111I       GAATTC                         GAATTC
M.Ppu111I     GAATTC                         GAATTC
Ppu1253I      GACGTC                         GACGTC
M.Ppu1253I    GACGTC                         GACGTC
PpuAI         CGTACG                         CGTACG
PpuMI         RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY                        NO.
M.PpuMI       RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY
PpuXI         RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY
Pru2I         GGCC                           GGCC
M.PsaDnmt1    ?                              ?
Psb9879I      GGCC                           GGCC
PscI          ACATGT                         ACATGT                         F.
Psc2I         GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC
Psc2II        ?                              ?
Psc18I        ?                              ?
Psc27I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Psc28I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Psc45I        ?                              ?
Psc49I        ?                              ?
Psc97I        ?                              ?
Psc126I       ?                              ?
Psc128I       ?                              ?
Psc193I       ?                              ?
PseI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
PshAI         GACNNNNGTC                     GACNNNNGTC                     AKN.
M.PshAI       GACNNNNGTC                     GACNNNNGTC
PshBI         ATTAAT                         ATTAAT                         K.
PshCI         CACGTG                         CACGTG
PshDI         CACGTG                         CACGTG
PshEI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
PsiI          TTATAA                         TTATAA                         IN.
PspI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
Psp03I        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Psp3I         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Psp4I         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Psp5I         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Psp5II        RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY                        F.
Psp6I         CCWGG                          CCWGG                          I.
Psp23I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Psp28I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Psp29I        GGCC                           GGCC
Psp30I        GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Psp31I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Psp32I        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Psp33I        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Psp38I        CACGTG                         CACGTG
Psp39I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Psp46I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Psp56I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Psp61I        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Psp89I        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Psp1406I      AACGTT                         AACGTT                         FKM.
PspAI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
PspALI        CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
PspBI         CACGTG                         CACGTG
Psp124BI      GAGCTC                         GAGCTC                         IV.
PspCI         CACGTG                         CACGTG                         IV.
PspDI         TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
PspEI         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC                        IV.
PspGI         CCWGG                          CCWGG                          N.
M.PspGI       CCWGG                          CCWGG
PspLI         CGTACG                         CGTACG                         I.
PspNI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
PspN4I        GGNNCC                         GGNNCC                         I.
PspOMI        GGGCCC                         GGGCCC                         INV.
PspPI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.PspPI       GGNCC                          GGNCC
PspPPI        RGGWCCY                        RGGWCCY                        I.
PspSI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
PspXI         VCTCGAGB                       VCTCGAGB                       IN.
PsrI          GAACNNNNNNTAC                  GTANNNNNNGTTC                  I.
PsrI          GTANNNNNNGTTC                  GAACNNNNNNTAC                  I.
PssI          RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY
PssII         ?                              ?
PstI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.PstI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
PstII         CTGATG                         CATCAG
M.PstII       CTGATG                         CTGATG
PstNHI        GCTAGC                         GCTAGC
PsuI          RGATCY                         RGATCY                         F.
Psu161I       CGATCG                         CGATCG
PsuAI         YACGTR                         YACGTR
PsuNI         CRCCGGYG                       CRCCGGYG
M.PsuNI       ?                              ?
PsyI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC                      F.
PtaI          TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Pun14627I     TGCGCA                         TGCGCA
Pun14627II    CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
PunAI         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
PunAII        RCATGY                         RCATGY
PvuI          CGATCG                         CGATCG                         ABFGKMNOQRSUXY.
M.PvuI        CGATCG                         CGATCG
PvuII         CAGCTG                         CAGCTG                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.PvuII       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Pvu84I        CGATCG                         CGATCG
Pvu84II       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
PvuHKUI       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
PxyARI        GATATC                         GATATC
PxyJKI        ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
PxyMZI        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG

Ral8I         GGATC                          GATCC
RalF40I       GATC                           GATC
RcaI          TCATGA                         TCATGA                         M.
RflFI         GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
M.RflFI       ?                              ?
RflFII        AGTACT                         AGTACT
RgaI          GCGATCGC                       GCGATCGC                       I.
RhcI          TCATGA                         TCATGA
RheI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
M.Rho11sI     GGCC                           GGCC
M.Rho11sI     GCNGC                          GCNGC
M.Rho11sII    TCGA                           TCGA
RhpI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
RhpII         ?                              ?
RhsI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
M.RhvI        ?                              ?
RleI          ?                              ?
Rle69I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
RleAI         CCCACA                         TGTGGG
M.Rle39BI     CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
RluI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Rlu1I         GATC                           GATC
Rlu3I         GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
Rlu4I         GGATCC                         GGATCC
RmaI          CTAG                           CTAG
Rma376I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Rma485I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma486I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma490I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma495I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma495II      GATATC                         GATATC
Rma496I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma496II      GATATC                         GATATC
Rma497I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma497II      GATATC                         GATATC
Rma500I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma501I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma503I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma506I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma509I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma510I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma515I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma516I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma517I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma518I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma519I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma522I       CTAG                           CTAG
Rma523I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
RmeI          ?                              ?
Rme21I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.RmeADam     GATC                           GATC
M.RnoDnmt1    ?                              ?
M.RraDnmtI    ?                              ?
RrbI          ?                              ?
RrhI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
RrhII         ?                              ?
Rrh4273I      GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
M.Rrh4273I    GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
RroI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
RruAI         ?                              ?
RsaI          GTAC                           GTAC                           BCFGHIJMNOQRSVXY.
M.RsaI        GTAC                           GTAC
RshI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
M.RshI        CGATCG                         CGATCG
RshII         CCSGG                          CCSGG
M.RshIII      GANTC                          GANTC
RspI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
RspLKI        GCATGC                         GCATGC
RspLKII       GGATCC                         GGATCC
RspXI         TCATGA                         TCATGA
RsrI          GAATTC                         GAATTC
M.RsrI        GAATTC                         GAATTC
RsrII         CGGWCCG                        CGGWCCG                        MNQX.
M.RsrII       CGGWCCG                        CGGWCCG
Rsr2I         CGGWCCG                        CGGWCCG                        I.
RtrI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Rtr20I        GAAGAC                         GTCTTC
Rtr63I        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC

M.SPBetaI     GGCC                           GGCC
M.SPBetaI     GCNGC                          GCNGC
M.SPRI        GGCC                           GGCC
M.SPRI        CCGG                           CCGG
M.SPRI        CCWGG                          CCWGG
SaaI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SabI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SacI          GAGCTC                         GAGCTC                         AFGHJKMNOQRSUX.
M.SacI        GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
SacII         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG                         AGHJKNOQRX.
M.SacII       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SacIII        ?                              ?
SacAI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SacNI         GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
SagI          GGCC                           GGCC
Sag16I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.Sag16I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Sag23I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.Sag23I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
SaiI          GGGTC                          GACCC
SakI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SalI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.SalI        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
SalII         ?                              ?
Sal13I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Sal1974I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SalAI         GATC                           GATC
SalCI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SalDI         TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
SalHI         GATC                           GATC
SalPI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
SanI          ?                              ?
SanDI         GGGWCCC                        GGGWCCC                        E.
SaoI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SapI          GCTCTTC                        GAAGAGC                        N.
M1.SapI       GCTCTTC                        GCTCTTC
M2.SapI       GCTCTTC                        GCTCTTC
SarI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
SatI          GCNGC                          GCNGC                          F.
SauI          CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Sau2I         GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau5I         GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau10I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Sau12I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Sau13I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau14I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau15I        GATC                           GATC
Sau16I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Sau17I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau32I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.Sau32I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau33I        GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.Sau33I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau42I        ?                              ?
Sau90I        CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
M.Sau90I      CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
Sau93I        CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
M.Sau93I      CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
Sau96I        GGNCC                          GGNCC                          GJMNOU.
M.Sau96I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau98I        CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
M.Sau98I      CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
Sau557I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
Sau3239I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
M.Sau3239I    CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Sau6782I      GATC                           GATC
M.Sau6782I    GATC                           GATC
Sau22201I     ?                              ?
SauAI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Sau3AI        GATC                           GATC                           AGHJKMNOQRSUX.
M.Sau3AI      GATC                           GATC
SauBI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
SauBMKI       GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SauCI         GATC                           GATC
SauDI         GATC                           GATC
SauEI         GATC                           GATC
SauFI         GATC                           GATC
SauGI         GATC                           GATC
SauHI         CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
SauHPI        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SauLPI        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
M.SauLPI      GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SauLPII       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SauMI         GATC                           GATC
SauNI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SauSI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SauS2I        ?                              ?
Sau96mI       CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
M.Sau96mI     CTYRAG                         CTYRAG
SbaI          CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
M.SbaI        CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
SbfI          CCTGCAGG                       CCTGCAGG                       INV.
M.SbfI        CCTGCAGG                       CCTGCAGG
Sbi68I        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SblAI         CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
SblBI         CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
SblCI         CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
SboI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Sbo13I        TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
M.Sbo13I      TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
SbrI          ?                              ?
SbvI          GGCC                           GGCC
ScaI          AGTACT                         AGTACT                         ABCFGJKMNOQRSX.
M.ScaI        AGTACT                         AGTACT
Sca1827I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SceIII        GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SceAI         CGCG                           CGCG
Scg2I         CCWGG                          CCWGG
SchI          GAGTC                          GACTC                          F.
SchZI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SciI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Sci1831I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SciAI         GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
SciAII        CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
SciBI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SciNI         GCGC                           GCGC
SciRI         ?                              ?
ScoI          GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
ScoAI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
ScoNI         GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
ScrFI         CCNGG                          CCNGG                          JMNOS.
M1.ScrFI      CCNGG                          CCNGG
M2.ScrFI      CCNGG                          CCNGG
ScuI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SdaI          CCTGCAGG                       CCTGCAGG                       F.
SdiI          GGCCNNNNNGGCC                  GGCCNNNNNGGCC
SdiAI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SduI          GDGCHC                         GDGCHC                         F.
M.SduI        GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
SdyI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
SecI          CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
SecII         CCGG                           CCGG
SecIII        CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
SelI          CGCG                           CGCG
SelAI         GGNCC                          GGNCC
SenPI         CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.SenPI       CCNGG                          CCNGG
SenPT16I      CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
SenPT14bI     CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SenpCI        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
M.SenpCI      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SepI          ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
SeqAI         ?                              ?
SexI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SexII         ?                              ?
SexAI         ACCWGGT                        ACCWGGT                        MN.
SexBI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SexCI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SfaI          GGCC                           GGCC
SfaAI         GCGATCGC                       GCGATCGC
SfaGUI        CCGG                           CCGG
SfaNI         GCATC                          GATGC                          IN.
M.SfaNI       GCATC                          GCATC
SfcI          CTRYAG                         CTRYAG                         N.
M.SfcI        CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
SfeI          CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
M.SfeI        CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
SfiI          GGCCNNNNNGGCC                  GGCCNNNNNGGCC                  ACFGIJKMNOQRSUVX.
M.SfiI        GGCCNNNNNGGCC                  GGCCNNNNNGGCC
SflI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
SflHK1794I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK2374I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK2731I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK6873I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK7234I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK7462I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK8401I    CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK10695I   CCSGG                          CCSGG
SflHK10790I   CCWGG                          CCWGG
SflHK11086I   CCSGG                          CCSGG
SflHK11087I   CCSGG                          CCSGG
SflHK11572I   CCSGG                          CCSGG
SflHK115731I  CCSGG                          CCSGG
Sfl2aI        CCWGG                          CCWGG
M.Sfl2aI      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Sfl2bI        CCWGG                          CCWGG
SfnI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
SfoI          GGCGCC                         GGCGCC                         N.
M.SfoI        GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
SfrI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Sfr274I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG                         IV.
Sfr303I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG                         IV.
Sfr382I       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SfuI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA                         M.
Sfu1762I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SgaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SgfI          GCGATCGC                       GCGATCGC                       R.
Sgh1835I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
SgiI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.SglORF2102a ?                              ?
SgoI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SgrI          ?                              ?
Sgr20I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Sgr1839I      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Sgr1841I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SgrAI         CRCCGGYG                       CRCCGGYG                       MN.
M.SgrAI       CRCCGGYG                       CRCCGGYG
SgrBI         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG                         C.
SgrDI         CGTCGACG                       CGTCGACG
SgsI          GGCGCGCC                       GGCGCGCC                       F.
ShaI          GGGTC                          GACCC
ShyI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Shy1766I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
ShyTI         ?                              ?
SimI          GGGTC                          GACCC
SinI          GGWCC                          GGWCC                          GR.
M.SinI        GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinAI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinBI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinCI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinDI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinEI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinFI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinGI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinHI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinJI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SinMI         GATC                           GATC
SinMII        ?                              ?
SisI          ?                              ?
SkaI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SkaII         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
SlaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG                         C.
SlbI          GGTCTC                         GAGACC
SleI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
SliI          ?                              ?
SliII         ?                              ?
SluI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Slu1777I      GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SmaI          CCCGGG                         CCCGGG                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.SmaI        CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
M.SmaII       GATC                           GATC
SmaAI         CGTACG                         CGTACG
SmaAII        GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
SmaAIII       CGATCG                         CGATCG
SmaAIV        CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
M.SmeI        GANTC                          GANTC
SmiI          ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT                       FIV.
SmiMI         CAYNNNNRTG                     CAYNNNNRTG                     I.
SmiMII        GATATC                         GATATC
SmiMBI        GATC                           GATC
SmlI          CTYRAG                         CTYRAG                         N.
SmoI          CTYRAG                         CTYRAG                         F.
Smo40529I     GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SmuI          CCCGC                          GCGGG                          F.
SmuCI         ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
SmuEI         GGWCC                          GGWCC
SnaI          GTATAC                         GTATAC
Sna3286I      TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
SnaBI         TACGTA                         TACGTA                         ACKMNR.
M.SnaBI       TACGTA                         TACGTA
SniI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
SnoI          GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
SodI          ?                              ?
SodII         ?                              ?
SolI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
Sol3335I      CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Sol10179I     CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SpaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SpaHI         GCATGC                         GCATGC
SpaPI         GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
SpaPII        CGATCG                         CGATCG
SpaPIII       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
SpaPIV        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
SpaXI         GCATGC                         GCATGC
SpeI          ACTAGT                         ACTAGT                         ABGHJKMNOQRSUX.
M.SpeI        ACTAGT                         ACTAGT
SphI          GCATGC                         GCATGC                         ABCGHIJKMNOQRSVX.
M.SphI        GCATGC                         GCATGC
Sph1719I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SplI          CGTACG                         CGTACG
SplII         GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
SplIII        GGCC                           GGCC
SplAI         CGTACG                         CGTACG
SplAII        GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
SplAIII       CGATCG                         CGATCG
SplAIV        CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
SpmI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.Spn6BI      TCTAGA                         TCTAGA
SpoI          TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
M.SpomI       CCWGG                          CCWGG
SprLI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.SptAI       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
SpuI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SpvI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
SrfI          GCCCGGGC                       GCCCGGGC                       EO.
SriI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
SrifpI        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SrlI          GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SrlII         ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
Srl19I        TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
Srl1DI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Srl2DI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Srl5DI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Srl8DI        ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Srl17DI       ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Srl32DI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Srl32DII      GAATTC                         GAATTC
Srl55DI       GAATTC                         GAATTC
Srl55DII      ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Srl56DI       CTRYAG                         CTRYAG
Srl61DI       TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
Srl65DI       ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Srl76DI       TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
Srl77DI       GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Srr17I        ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
SruI          TTTAAA                         TTTAAA
Sru4DI        ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Sru30DI       AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
SsaI          ?                              ?
SsbI          AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
SscI          ?                              ?
SscL1I        GANTC                          GANTC
M.SscL1I      GANTC                          GANTC
SseI          TGATCA                         TGATCA
SseII         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Sse9I         AATT                           AATT                           IV.
M.Sse9I       AATT                           AATT
Sse232I       CGCCGGCG                       CGCCGGCG
Sse1825I      GGGWCCC                        GGGWCCC
Sse8387I      CCTGCAGG                       CCTGCAGG                       AK.
Sse8647I      AGGWCCT                        AGGWCCT
SseAI         GGCGCC                         GGCGCC
SseBI         AGGCCT                         AGGCCT                         C.
SshAI         CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
SsiI          CCGC                           GCGG                           F.
SsiAI         GATC                           GATC
SsiBI         GATC                           GATC
SslI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
M.Ssl1I       GANTC                          GANTC
Ssl16215I     ?                              ?
Ssl16216I     ?                              ?
Ssl16217I     ?                              ?
Ssl16218I     ?                              ?
Ssl16219I     ?                              ?
SsmI          CTGATG                         CATCAG
SsmII         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
SsoI          GAATTC                         GAATTC
M.SsoI        GAATTC                         GAATTC
SsoII         CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.SsoII       CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.SsoIII      ?                              ?
M.SsoIV       ?                              ?
M.SsoV        ?                              ?
SspI          AATATT                         AATATT                         ABCFGIJKMNOQRSUVX.
M.SspI        AATATT                         AATATT
Ssp1I         TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp2I         CCSGG                          CCSGG
Ssp4I         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Ssp12I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ssp14I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp27I        ?                              ?
Ssp34I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp42I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp43I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp45I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp47I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp48I        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp152I       TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Ssp1725I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Ssp4800I      TGTACA                         TGTACA
Ssp5230I      GACGTC                         GACGTC
M.Ssp6803I    CGATCG                         CGATCG
Ssp27144I     ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
SspAI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
SspBI         TGTACA                         TGTACA                         M.
SspCI         GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
SspD5I        GGTGA                          TCACC
SspD5II       ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
SspJI         TACGTA                         TACGTA
SspJII        GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
SspKI         CGTACG                         CGTACG
SspM1I        TACGTA                         TACGTA
SspM1II       GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
SspM1III      GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
SspM2I        TACGTA                         TACGTA
SspM2II       GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
SspRFI        TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
SspXI         ?                              ?
SsrI          GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
M.SssI        CG                             CG                             N.
SstI          GAGCTC                         GAGCTC                         BC.
M.SstI        GAGCTC                         GAGCTC
SstII         CCGCGG                         CCGCGG                         B.
SstIII        ?                              ?
SstIV         TGATCA                         TGATCA
Sst12I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Ssu211I       GATC                           GATC
M.Ssu211I     GATC                           GATC
Ssu212I       GATC                           GATC
M.Ssu212I     GATC                           GATC
Ssu220I       GATC                           GATC
M1.Ssu2479I   GATC                           GATC
M2.Ssu2479I   GATC                           GATC
R1.Ssu2479I   GATC                           GATC
R2.Ssu2479I   GATC                           GATC
M1.Ssu4109I   GATC                           GATC
M2.Ssu4109I   GATC                           GATC
R1.Ssu4109I   GATC                           GATC
R2.Ssu4109I   GATC                           GATC
M1.Ssu4961I   GATC                           GATC
M2.Ssu4961I   GATC                           GATC
R1.Ssu4961I   GATC                           GATC
R2.Ssu4961I   GATC                           GATC
M1.Ssu8074I   GATC                           GATC
M2.Ssu8074I   GATC                           GATC
R1.Ssu8074I   GATC                           GATC
R2.Ssu8074I   GATC                           GATC
M1.Ssu11318I  GATC                           GATC
M2.Ssu11318I  GATC                           GATC
R1.Ssu11318I  GATC                           GATC
R2.Ssu11318I  GATC                           GATC
M1.SsuDAT1I   GATC                           GATC
M2.SsuDAT1I   GATC                           GATC
R1.SsuDAT1I   GATC                           GATC
R2.SsuDAT1I   GATC                           GATC
SsuRBI        GATC                           GATC
SsvI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
StaI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
StaAI         CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SteI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
SthI          GGTACC                         GGTACC
Sth117I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Sth132I       CCCG                           CGGG
Sth134I       CCGG                           CCGG
Sth302I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Sth302II      CCGG                           CCGG
Sth368I       GATC                           GATC
M.Sth368I     GATC                           GATC
Sth455I       CCWGG                          CCWGG
Sth4134I      ?                              ?
SthAI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthBI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthCI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthDI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthEI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthFI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthGI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthHI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthJI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthKI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthLI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthMI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
SthNI         GGTACC                         GGTACC
StmI          ?                              ?
StrI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG                         U.
StsI          GGATG                          CATCC
M.StsI        GGATG                          GGATG
StuI          AGGCCT                         AGGCCT                         ABJKMNQRSUX.
M.StuI        AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
StyI          CCWWGG                         CCWWGG                         CJMNRS.
M.StyI        CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
StyD4I        CCNGG                          CCNGG                          N.
M.StyD4I      CCNGG                          CCNGG
M.StyDam      GATC                           GATC
M.Sty1344Dam  GATC                           GATC
M.Sty14028Dam GATC                           GATC
StyLTI        CAGAG                          CTCTG
M.StyLTI      CAGAG                          CAGAG
StyLTII       ?                              ?
M.StyLTII     ?                              ?
M.StyLT2Dam   GATC                           GATC
StySTI        ?                              ?
SuaI          GGCC                           GGCC
M.SuaI        GGCC                           GGCC
SulI          GGCC                           GGCC
SunI          CGTACG                         CGTACG
SurI          GGATCC                         GGATCC
F-SuvI        ?                              ?
Sve194I       CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
SviI          TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
SwaI          ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT                       GKMNS.
M.SwaI        ATTTAAAT                       ATTTAAAT
SynI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
SynII         GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC

TaaI          ACNGT                          ACNGT                          F.
M.TaeI        ?                              ?
M.TaeII       TGATCA                         TGATCA
M.TaeCDnmtI   ?                              ?
TaiI          ACGT                           ACGT                           F.
TaqI          TCGA                           TCGA                           ABCFGIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.TaqI        TCGA                           TCGA                           N.
TaqII         GACCGA                         TCGGTC                         VX.
TaqII         CACCCA                         TGGGTG                         VX.
Taq20I        TCGA                           TCGA
Taq52I        GCWGC                          GCWGC
TaqXI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
TasI          AATT                           AATT                           F.
TatI          WGTACW                         WGTACW                         F.
TauI          GCSGC                          GCSGC                          F.
TauII         CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
Tbr51I        TCGA                           TCGA
TceI          GAAGA                          TCTTC
TdeI          GATC                           GATC
TdeII         CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
M.TdeII       CTCTTC                         CTCTTC
TdeIII        GGNCC                          GGNCC
M.TdeIII      GGNCC                          GGNCC
TelI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
TfeI          ?                              ?
TfiI          GAWTC                          GAWTC                          N.
M.TfiI        GAWTC                          GAWTC
TfiA3I        TCGA                           TCGA
TfiTok4A2I    TCGA                           TCGA
TfiTok6A1I    TCGA                           TCGA
M.TfiTok6A1I  TCGA                           TCGA
TflI          TCGA                           TCGA
TglI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
ThaI          CGCG                           CGCG
M.ThaI        CGCG                           CGCG
M.ThaII       GATC                           GATC
M.ThaIII      GANTC                          GANTC
TliI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG                         N.
M.TliI        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
TmaI          CGCG                           CGCG
M.TmaI        CGCG                           CGCG
TmiI          ?                              ?
Tmu1I         CCSGG                          CCSGG
TnoI          ?                              ?
M.TpaI        GATC                           GATC
TrsKTI        GATC                           GATC
M.TrsKTI      GATC                           GATC
TrsKTII       GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
TrsKTIII      CATATG                         CATATG
TrsSI         GATC                           GATC
M.TrsSI       GATC                           GATC
TrsSII        GACNNNNNNGTC                   GACNNNNNNGTC
TrsTI         GATC                           GATC
M.TrsTI       GATC                           GATC
TrsTII        CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
TruI          GGWCC                          GGWCC
TruII         GATC                           GATC
Tru1I         TTAA                           TTAA                           F.
Tru9I         TTAA                           TTAA                           GIMRV.
Tru28I        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Tru201I       RGATCY                         RGATCY
TscI          ACGT                           ACGT
TscHI         ?                              ?
Tsc4aI        TCGA                           TCGA
TseI          GCWGC                          GCWGC                          N.
M.TseI        GCWGC                          GCWGC
TseAI         GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
TseBI         GCWGC                          GCWGC
TseCI         AATT                           AATT
TseDI         RCCGGY                         RCCGGY
TsoI          TARCCA                         TGGYTA                         F.
TspI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
Tsp1I         ACTGG                          CCAGT
Tsp32I        TCGA                           TCGA
M.Tsp32I      TCGA                           TCGA
Tsp32II       TCGA                           TCGA
Tsp45I        GTSAC                          GTSAC                          N.
M.Tsp45I      GTSAC                          GTSAC
Tsp49I        ACGT                           ACGT
Tsp132I       GGCC                           GGCC
Tsp133I       GATC                           GATC
Tsp219I       GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
Tsp266I       GGCC                           GGCC
Tsp273I       GATATC                         GATATC
Tsp273II      GGCC                           GGCC
Tsp281I       GGCC                           GGCC
Tsp301I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Tsp358I       TCGA                           TCGA
Tsp504I       CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
Tsp505I       TCGA                           TCGA
Tsp507I       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Tsp509I       AATT                           AATT                           N.
M.Tsp509I     AATT                           AATT
Tsp510I       TCGA                           TCGA
Tsp514I       TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Tsp560I       GGCC                           GGCC
TspAI         CCWGG                          CCWGG
TspAK13D21I   TCGA                           TCGA
TspAK16D24I   TCGA                           TCGA
TspBI         CCRYGG                         CCRYGG
Tsp4CI        ACNGT                          ACNGT
TspDTI        ATGAA                          TTCAT                          VX.
TspEI         AATT                           AATT                           O.
Tsp8EI        GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
TspGWI        ACGGA                          TCCGT                          VX.
TspGWII       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
TspIDSI       ACGT                           ACGT
TspMI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG                         N.
TspNI         TCGA                           TCGA
TspRI         CASTG                          CASTG                          GN.
M.TspRI       CASTG                          CASTG
TspVi4AI      TCGA                           TCGA
TspVil3I      TCGA                           TCGA
TspWAM8AI     ACGT                           ACGT
TspZNI        GGCC                           GGCC
TssI          GAGNNNCTC                      GAGNNNCTC
TstI          CACNNNNNNTCC                   GGANNNNNNGTG                   F.
TstI          GGANNNNNNGTG                   CACNNNNNNTCC                   F.
TsuI          GCGAC                          GTCGC
TteI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
TteAI         GGCC                           GGCC
Tth24I        TCGA                           TCGA
Tth111I       GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC                      GIKNQRVX.
M.Tth111I     GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
Tth111II      CAARCA                         TGYTTG
M.TthBI       ?                              ?
TthHB8I       TCGA                           TCGA
M.TthHB8I     TCGA                           TCGA
TthHB27I      CAARCA                         TGYTTG
TthRQI        TCGA                           TCGA
TtmI          ACGT                           ACGT
TtmII         GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
TtnI          GGCC                           GGCC
TtoI          CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
TtrI          GACNNNGTC                      GACNNNGTC
TveI          ?                              ?
M.TvoDam      GATC                           GATC

Uba4I         GATC                           GATC
Uba6I         ACGCGT                         ACGCGT
Uba9I         GGCC                           GGCC
Uba11I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba13I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba17I        CCNGG                          CCNGG
Uba19I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba20I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba22I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba24I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba30I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba31I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba34I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba36I        YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Uba38I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba39I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba40I        AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba41I        CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba42I        CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba43I        ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba46I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba48I        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba51I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba54I        GGCC                           GGCC
Uba57I        GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba58I        GAATTC                         GAATTC
Uba59I        GATC                           GATC
Uba61I        GGCC                           GGCC
Uba62I        GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba65I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Uba66I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba69I        GCGCGC                         GCGCGC
Uba71I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba72I        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba76I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Uba77I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba81I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba82I        CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba83I        AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Uba84I        GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Uba85I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Uba86I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Uba87I        GGTACC                         GGTACC
Uba88I        GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba89I        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
Uba90I        CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1093I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1094I      AGTACT                         AGTACT
Uba1095I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1096I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1097I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1098I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1099I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Uba1100I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1101I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1111I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1112I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1113I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1114I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1115I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1116I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1117I      TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
Uba1118I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1119I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1120I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1121I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1122I      GCCGGC                         GCCGGC
Uba1123I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1124I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1125I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1126I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1127I      GGYRCC                         GGYRCC
Uba1128I      CCGG                           CCGG
Uba1129I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
Uba1130I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1131I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1133I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1134I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Uba1136I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Uba1137I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1138I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1139I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
Uba1140I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1141I      CCGG                           CCGG
Uba1142I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1144I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1145I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1146I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1147I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1148I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1149I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1150I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1152I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1153I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1154I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1155I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1156I      GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Uba1157I      GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Uba1158I      AGTACT                         AGTACT
Uba1159I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1160I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Uba1161I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1162I      GCATGC                         GCATGC
Uba1163I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1164I      GGNCC                          GGNCC
Uba1164II     AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Uba1165I      GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Uba1166I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1167I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1168I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1169I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1170I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1171I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1172I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1173I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1174I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1175I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1176I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1177I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1178I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1179I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1180I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1181I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1182I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1183I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1184I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1184II     CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Uba1185I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1186I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1187I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1188I      YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Uba1189I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1190I      GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC
Uba1191I      GACNNNNNGTC                    GACNNNNNGTC
Uba1192I      CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
Uba1193I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1195I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1196I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1197I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1198I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1199I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1200I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1201I      GGTACC                         GGTACC
Uba1202I      GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Uba1203I      GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
Uba1204I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1205I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1205II     CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Uba1206I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1207I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1208I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1209I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1210I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1211I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1212I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1213I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1214I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1215I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1216I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1217I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1218I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1219I      AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Uba1220I      CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Uba1221I      GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
Uba1222I      GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
Uba1223I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1224I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1225I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1226I      GCATGC                         GCATGC
Uba1227I      CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Uba1228I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1229I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1230I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1231I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1232I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1233I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1234I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1235I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1237I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1238I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1239I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1240I      TACGTA                         TACGTA
Uba1241I      GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Uba1242I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1243I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1244I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1245I      CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
Uba1246I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1248I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1249I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1250I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1256I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1257I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1258I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1259I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1262I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1263I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1264I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1266I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1267I      CCGG                           CCGG
Uba1271I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1272I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1275I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1276I      CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
Uba1278I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1279I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Uba1280I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1282I      TGATCA                         TGATCA
Uba1283I      TGATCA                         TGATCA
Uba1284I      GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
Uba1286I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1287I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1288I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1289I      CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
Uba1290I      CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
Uba1291I      GGTNACC                        GGTNACC
Uba1292I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1293I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1294I      CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Uba1294II     CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1295I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1296I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1297I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1298I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1299I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1302I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1303I      CGRYCG                         CGRYCG
Uba1304I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1305I      GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
Uba1306I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1307I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1308I      CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
Uba1309I      CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
Uba1310I      CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG
Uba1311I      CCWWGG                         CCWWGG
Uba1312I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1313I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1314I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1315I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1316I      GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Uba1317I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1318I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1319I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1320I      GCTNAGC                        GCTNAGC
Uba1321I      CGCG                           CGCG
Uba1322I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1323I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1324I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1325I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1326I      RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY
Uba1327I      YGGCCR                         YGGCCR
Uba1328I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1329I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1330I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1331I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1332I      CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Uba1333I      CCTNAGG                        CCTNAGG
Uba1334I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1335I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1336I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1337I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1338I      CCGG                           CCGG
Uba1339I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1342I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1343I      GGTCTC                         GAGACC
Uba1346I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1347I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1353I      ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
Uba1355I      CCGG                           CCGG
Uba1357I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1362I      GDGCHC                         GDGCHC
Uba1363I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1364I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1366I      GATC                           GATC
Uba1366II     ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1367I      ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
Uba1368I      GGGCCC                         GGGCCC
Uba1369I      CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
Uba1370I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1371I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1372I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1373I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1374I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1375I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Uba1376I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1377I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1378I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1379I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1380I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1381I      GRCGYC                         GRCGYC
Uba1382I      GAATGC                         GCATTC
Uba1383I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1384I      ATGCAT                         ATGCAT
Uba1385I      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Uba1386I      TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
Uba1387I      GTGCAC                         GTGCAC
Uba1388I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1389I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1391I      CCNGG                          CCNGG
Uba1392I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1393I      CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Uba1394I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1395I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1397I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1398I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1399I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1400I      GATATC                         GATATC
Uba1401I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1402I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1403I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1404I      CGCG                           CGCG
Uba1405I      CGCG                           CGCG
Uba1408I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1408II     GTTAAC                         GTTAAC
Uba1409I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1410I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1411I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1412I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1413I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1414I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba1415I      GAATGC                         GCATTC
Uba1416I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1417I      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
Uba1418I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1419I      AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
Uba1420I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1421I      GRGCYC                         GRGCYC
Uba1422I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1423I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1424I      CCSGG                          CCSGG
Uba1425I      TCCGGA                         TCCGGA
Uba1426I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1427I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1428I      CCWGG                          CCWGG
Uba1429I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1430I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1431I      TGATCA                         TGATCA
Uba1432I      RGATCY                         RGATCY
Uba1433I      AGCT                           AGCT
Uba1435I      AAGCTT                         AAGCTT
Uba1436I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Uba1437I      CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
Uba1438I      GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uba1439I      CCGG                           CCGG
Uba1440I      CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Uba1441I      AGCT                           AGCT
Uba1442I      CCNNGG                         CCNNGG
Uba1443I      CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
Uba1444I      CTGGAG                         CTCCAG
Uba1445I      GGNNCC                         GGNNCC
Uba1446I      CGCG                           CGCG
Uba1447I      TGATCA                         TGATCA
Uba1448I      CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
Uba1449I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1450I      GGCC                           GGCC
Uba1451I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba1452I      TTCGAA                         TTCGAA
Uba1453I      ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
Uba4009I      GGATCC                         GGATCC
Uba153AI      CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
UbaF9I        TACNNNNNRTGT                   ACAYNNNNNGTA
UbaF11I       TCGTA                          TACGA
UbaHKAI       CCGCGG                         CCGCGG
UbaHKBI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
UbaM39I       CAGCTG                         CAGCTG
UbaPI         CGAACG                         CGTTCG
Umi5I         CYCGRG                         CYCGRG
Umi7I         TGATCA                         TGATCA
UnbI          GGNCC                          GGNCC
Uth549I       GGCC                           GGCC
Uth554I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
Uth555I       GGCC                           GGCC
Uth557I       GGCC                           GGCC
Uur960I       GCNGC                          GCNGC

VanI          GCCNNNNNGGC                    GCCNNNNNGGC
Van91I        CCANNNNNTGG                    CCANNNNNTGG                    AFGKM.
Van91II       GAATTC                         GAATTC
M.Van91II     GAATTC                         GAATTC
Van91III      GGCC                           GGCC
Van91IV       ?                              ?
M.Vch0395Dam  GATC                           GATC
M.VchK139I    GATC                           GATC
VchN100I      GAATTC                         GAATTC
VchO2I        GAATTC                         GAATTC
VchO6I        ?                              ?
VchO24I       ?                              ?
VchO25I       GTATAC                         GTATAC
VchO44I       AGGCCT                         AGGCCT
VchO49I       AGTACT                         AGTACT
VchO52I       ?                              ?
VchO60I       ?                              ?
VchO66I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
VchO68I       GCATGC                         GCATGC
VchO70I       TCGCGA                         TCGCGA
VchO85I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
VchO87I       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
VchO90I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
VfiI          CTTAAG                         CTTAAG
VhaI          GGCC                           GGCC
Vha44I        GATC                           GATC
Vha464I       CTTAAG                         CTTAAG                         IV.
Vha1168I      GGCC                           GGCC
VneI          GTGCAC                         GTGCAC                         IV.
VneAI         RGGNCCY                        RGGNCCY
VniI          GGCC                           GGCC
VpaK11I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaK15I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaK25I       GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaK32I       GCTCTTC                        GAAGAGC
VpaK57I       GGTCTC                         GAGACC
VpaK65I       GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaK3AI       CACGTG                         CACGTG
VpaK4AI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
VpaK7AI       GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaK8AI       ?                              ?
VpaK9AI       GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaK11AI      GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaK12AI      ?                              ?
VpaK13AI      GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaK19AI      GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaK29AI      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
VpaK50AI      ?                              ?
VpaK55AI      ?                              ?
VpaK56AI      ?                              ?
VpaK57AI      GGTCTC                         GAGACC
VpaK3BI       CACGTG                         CACGTG
VpaK4BI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
VpaK11BI      GGWCC                          GGWCC                          K.
VpaK12BI      ?                              ?
VpaK19BI      GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaK11CI      GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaK11DI      GGWCC                          GGWCC
VpaKutAI      GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaKutBI      GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaKutCI      ?                              ?
VpaKutDI      ?                              ?
VpaKutEI      CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
VpaKutFI      CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
VpaKutGI      CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
VpaKutHI      GGTCTC                         GAGACC
VpaKutJI      GGNCC                          GGNCC
VpaO5I        CTCTTC                         GAAGAG
VspI          ATTAAT                         ATTAAT                         FIRV.
M.VspI        ATTAAT                         ATTAAT
Vsp2246I      GGYRCC                         GGYRCC

XagI          CCTNNNNNAGG                    CCTNNNNNAGG                    F.
XamI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
M.XamI        GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
XapI          RAATTY                         RAATTY                         F.
XbaI          TCTAGA                         TCTAGA                         ABCFGHIJKMNOQRSUVXY.
M.XbaI        TCTAGA                         TCTAGA
XcaI          GTATAC                         GTATAC
XceI          RCATGY                         RCATGY                         F.
XciI          GTCGAC                         GTCGAC
XcmI          CCANNNNNNNNNTGG                CCANNNNNNNNNTGG                N.
XcyI          CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
M.XcyI        CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
Xgl3216I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
Xgl3217I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
Xgl3218I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
Xgl3219I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
Xgl3220I      CGATCG                         CGATCG
XhoI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG                         ABFGHJKMNOQRSUXY.
M.XhoI        CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
XhoII         RGATCY                         RGATCY                         GMR.
M.XhoII       RGATCY                         RGATCY
M.XlaDnmt1    ?                              ?
XmaI          CCCGGG                         CCCGGG                         INRUV.
M.XmaI        CCCGGG                         CCCGGG
XmaII         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
XmaIII        CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
M.XmaIII      CGGCCG                         CGGCCG
XmaCI         CCCGGG                         CCCGGG                         M.
XmaJI         CCTAGG                         CCTAGG                         F.
M.XmaXhDnmt1  ?                              ?
XmiI          GTMKAC                         GTMKAC                         F.
XmlI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
XmlAI         CGATCG                         CGATCG
XmnI          GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC                     GNRU.
M.XmnI        GAANNNNTTC                     GAANNNNTTC
XniI          CGATCG                         CGATCG
XorI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
XorII         CGATCG                         CGATCG
M.XorII       CGATCG                         CGATCG
XpaI          CTCGAG                         CTCGAG
XphI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.XphI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
XspI          CTAG                           CTAG                           K.
XveI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.XveI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.XveII       CCCGGG                         CCCGGG

YenI          CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.YenI        CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
YenAI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
YenBI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
YenCI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
YenDI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
YenEI         CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.YenSDam     GATC                           GATC
M.YenWI       CTGCAG                         CTGCAG
M.YpsADam     GATC                           GATC
M.YpsDam      GATC                           GATC

ZanI          CCWGG                          CCWGG
ZhoI          ATCGAT                         ATCGAT
M.ZmaIIA      ?                              ?
M.ZmaV        ?                              ?
M.ZmaDRM1     ?                              ?
M.ZmaDnmt1    ?                              ?
ZraI          GACGTC                         GACGTC                         INV.
ZrmI          AGTACT                         AGTACT                         I.
Zsp2I         ATGCAT                         ATGCAT                         IV.

A=GE Healthcare (8/05)
B=Invitrogen Corporation (8/05)
C=Minotech Biotechnology (9/05)
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