Genome Explorer short help

"Complement/Reverse" command

    The window "Complement/Reverse" serves to creating of a complementary/reverse order sequence. In heading after a mark "#" the dropping down list serves to a choice of an entering sequence is located.
  • The field "Result (sequence name)" serves to set a name of a resulting sequence. By default to sequences assign names: seq 1 , seq 2 etc. The given field should be obligatory filled.
  • The panel "what to do" serves for definition of a kind of operation above a sequence:
    • "complement+reverse" - the effect of the given command is equivalent to consecutive application of operations "complement" and "reverse".
    • "complement" - to create a complementary sequence (replacement of letters of a sequence on complementary, the order of letters does not vary).
    • "reverse" - to make a reverse order sequence
  • The field "Command summary" displays the current adjustments of a command (the chosen parameters). The given field is only information and does not serve for adjustment of parameters of command.