Softberry, Inc. is a leading developer of software tools for genomic research focused on computational methods of high throughput biomedical data analysis, including software to support next generation sequencing technologies, transcriptome analysis (with RNASeq data), SNP detection and selection of disease specific SNP subsets. Its research-oriented programs have been used in thousand research projects. For example, fgenesh eukaryotic gene identification program is cited in more than 3000 articles [1], bprom, bacterial promoter prediction is cited in ~700 research papers [2]. Just in 2015 our software applications have been used in more then 2000 research publications [3].

Hundreds software applications developed in Softberry can be executed on-line at www.softberry.com or downloaded for free academic usage [4]-[5]. Softberry started its commercial activities on May 1997 and is headquartered in Mount Kisco, NY, USA, with a satellite office in Novosibirsk, Russia. It participated in a number of academic collaborations on various research projects around the world.

List of licensees of our products includes over fifty leading pharmaceutical, biotech and agricultural companies, as well as scientific institutions, from around the world. Some of them are listed here:

Amgen MIT
Bayer Cropscience Monsanto
Beijing Institute of Genomics National Center for Genome Research (Shanghai)
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pioneer
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center
deCODE Genetics Rutgers University
Dow Agrosciences SmithKline Beecham
Genome Institute of Syngapore Syngenta
Human Genome Sciences Teva Pharmaceutical
Joint Genome Institute UC Berkeley
Lexicon Genetics Washington University Genomic Center
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co.


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