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FGENESB: Bacterial Operon and Gene Prediction

Used in more than 330 publications

Reference: V. Solovyev, A Salamov (2011) Automatic Annotation of Microbial Genomes and Metagenomic Sequences. In Metagenomics and its Applications in Agriculture, Biomedicine and Environmental Studies (Ed. R.W. Li), Nova Science Publishers, p. 61-78

FGENESB is a suite of bacterial operon and gene prediction programs: its detailed description is given here. Presented on this page is gene finding portion of FGENESB, which is pattern/Markov chain-based and is the fastest (E.coli genome is annotated in appr. 14 sec) and most accurate ab initio bacterial gene prediction program available - for more details, see FGENESB help. FGENESB uses genome-specific parameters learned by FgenesB-train script, which requires only DNA sequence from genome of interest as an input. It automatically creates a file with gene prediction parameters for analyzed genome. It took only a few minutes to create such file for E.coli genome using its sequence. If you need parameters for your new bacteria, please contact Softberry - we can include them in the web list.

Annotation portion of FGENESB consumes a lot computer resources and is therefore not available at our web site.

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EXAMPLE: Annotation of Escherichia_coli_K12 genome by FgenesB-Annotator script.
Annotation in GenBank format

Examples of annotation of operons and genes for other bacteria

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