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Solovyev VV, Shahmuradov IA, Salamov AA. (2010) Identification of promoter regions and regulatory sites. Methods Mol Biol. 674, 57-83.
Shahmuradov I., Solovyev V. (2015) Nsite, NsiteH and NsiteM Computer Tools for Studying Transcription Regulatory Elements. Bioinformatics , doi: 10.1093.

NSITEMP / Recognition of PLANT Regulatory motifs conserved in several sequences (RegsitePL DB)

Paste nucleotide sequence here:

Alternatively, load a local file with sequence in Fasta format:
Local file name:

Advanced options [see example of value in (..)]:

change minimal similarity level in percents
change maximal expected by chance number of motifs
Write query sequences to output file.
Positions of motifs found are given in relation to right boundaries of upstream sequences, if query sequences include upstream sequences of genes by themselves or as part of gene sequence. If this option disabled, positions of motifs found are given as in query sequences.
Mean expected number (Real, ≥ 0.)
Some variation of distance between two blocks of RE is allowed.
Put here other options, if any.

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