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ScanWM-PL / Search for weight matrix patterns of plant regulatory sequences


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Alternatively, load a local file with sequence in Fasta format:
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Direct chain

Inverse chain

Advanced options [see example of value in (..)]:

Threshold type - way of entering "cut-off values" for weight matrixes.
When "threshold type" is 1 the "cut-off value" = "average" - "threshold value" * "std_dev", where: "average" is an average deviation; "std_dev" is a root-mean-square deviation.
When "threshold type" is 2 the "cut-off value" = "wm_min_value" + "threshold value" * ("wm_max_value"-"wm_min_value"), where "wm_min_value", "wm_max_value" is minimal and maximal weights which the weight matrix can give. "Threshold value" here should belong to an interval (0; 1).
Threshold value
Put here other options, if any.

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