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Comparison of nucleotide sequences

SCAN2 - program for aligning two multimegabyte-size genome sequences (with Java viewer [Help]).

To view human genome in our Genome Explorer, click here - you can also map your sequence by FMAP in that graphical interface. To view mouse genome, click here.


Paste first sequence in here:

or select local file:

Paste second sequence in here:

or select local file:

Choose method:

Normal similarity (fast)
Weak similarity (for promoter seq comparison, up to 10000 bp recommended for WEB)

No dynamic programming
Global alignment with tail gaps by dynamic programming
Global alignment without tail gaps by dynamic programming
Local alignment by dynamic programming

Block info only
Fine alignment
Alignment bounds, Block info and fine alignment

In direct chain only
In reverse chain only
In both chains

Use Java viewer

Please note that using option based on dynamic programming with big sequences is very slow.

Note. To run applet viewer you need to include in the list of your browser (see instruction).

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[Example w/o visualization]

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