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SeqMan - Manipulations with sequences

This version is obsolete and will be removed soon. Please use version 2.

Program SeqMan contains 3 groups of commands: "sequence constructions", "searches" and "translations".
   1. The group "sequence constructions" contains commands for loading and designing of sequences. Result of work of any of commands of the given group is the new sequence.
   2. The group "searches" contains commands for search of motifs in a sequence.
   3. The group "translations" contains commands for aminoacid translation.
   4. Print sequence and results in different formats (Show results).

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    Commands of  "sequence constructions" group:
  • "Load" - loading of sequence.
  • "Cut" - allocation (receiving) or cutting out (deletion) of a fragment from a sequence.
  • "Complement/Reverse" - creating of a complementary/reverse order sequence.
  • "Insert/Change" - insert/replace a fragment of a sequence.
  • "Insert/Unite" - insert/addition of one sequence to another.
    Commands of  "searches" group:
  • "Restriction sites" - search of restriction sites in a sequence. Searches for restriction sites, which are described in Restriction sites Database.
  • "Sequence search" - search of one sequence in another.
  • "Motif search" - search of motifs in a sequence.
  • "Search for Primers" - search for primers in a sequence.
  • "Uniqness" - align of a sequence on a genome.
    Commands of  "translations" group:
  • "AA translation" - aminoacid translation.


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