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3D-Explorer - Visual works with 3D of a Structure

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3D-Explorer is designed to visualize spatial models of biological macromolecules and their complexes (below referred to as models). The 3D-Explorer application is compatible with PDB files [1].

3D-Explorer has an interface compatible with the GetAtoms and CE applications and can visualize several compared 3D-structures. [2, 3].

The macromolecule can be presented as wire, stick, ball and stick, and CPK models.

You can visualize charge on molecular surface as well as hydrophobisity.

You can drag a macromolecule model with your mouse, rotate it, and change the size of models.

You can also change the detail level and color of models and their elements.

In 3D-Explorer, you can work with several types of molecular elements and show the structural features of a molecule as a matrix diagram.


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  2. Shindyalov IN, Bourne PE (1998) Protein structure alignment by incremental combinatorial extension (CE) of the optimal path. Protein Engineering 11(9) 739-747.
  3. GETATOMS help

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