Cloud computing services

Data analysis using Softberry, public or cleints’ own pipelines in AWS cloud. Adopting pipelines to run on cloud computer clusters.

Next generation

Genome and transcripts assembling, Reads Mapping, Alternative transcripts (Transomics pipeline), Snp discovery and evaluation, visualization

Annotation of Bacterial Genomes

Bacterial gene, promoters, terminators, operons identification, metagenomics, Fgnesb pipeline. Microbiome sequence analysis and annotation.

Annotation of Animal Genomes

Gene identification, HMM Fgenesh gene finder and Fgenesh++ genome annotation pipeline, building gene models accounting RNASeq data, finding alternatively spliced isoforms, 329 custom made gene-finding parameters

Annotation of Plant Genomes

Gene identification, Fgenesh gene finder and Fgenesh++ genome annotation pipeline, 42 custom made gene-finding parameters. Largest Plant Gene Regulatory Elements database RegSite (~ 3000 entries).

Genome regulation analysis

De novo finding regulatory motifs, search for non-random occurrence of functional motifs, plant and animal regulatory motifs datables, promoters and poly_A sites identification. Recognition of Promoters Using Convolutional Deep Learning Neural Networks (CNN).

Alignment and Genome comparison

Alignment of sequences and genomes, multiple alignments, computing synteny between genomes, alignment of RNA and proteins onto genomic sequence

Protein structure and functions

Comparison of 3D proteins structures, finding functional sites and protein sub-cellular location, secondary structure prediction, protein structure, visualization, fold recognition, homology modeling, molecular docking, molecular mechanics and dynamics computations

RNA structure and functions

RNA folding, finding palindrome, finding miRNA and their targets, search for bacterial terminators